Fox Valley Way, The Comenara Parkway, Wahroonga, Sydney,

Wahroonga Estate - Change of use application - Adaptive reuse of the existing Primary School building as a Centre Based Child Care facility within the Central Hospital Precinct of the Wahroonga Estate site.

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  1. Tam Wallin commented

    As a local resident whose family uses Fox Valley Rd to get to school/work I am very concerned about the impact this development will have on our lives. The traffic assessment completed by Terraffic Pty Ltd to accompany the DA stated that the traffic generation estimate should be discounted taking into account the traffic generated by the former prinary school (60% students arriving by car, 40% catch public transport or walk). This statement is highly flawed as it doesn't give any consideration to the variation in age of the students who attend childcare vs primary school and their independence and physical ability to be able to walk or catch public transport as such the number of cars entering/exiting the facility has been severly underestimated. There were considerable traffic issues caused by cars trying to turn right into that driveway which has improved considerably since the school relocated but not eliminated as some cars still do use that driveway for other purposes. Cars turning right into that driveway need to give way to oncoming traffic that have turned onto Fox Valley from the Comenarra and because there is no kind of turning bay to remove them from the general flow it results in a bank of traffic behind them of people trying to proceed in that lane to turn right from Fox Valley onto the Commenarra, so it will be a nightmare for anyone trying to go in the direction of Pennant Hills rd. I would suggest someone taking the time to test in person the impact that the use of that driveway (right turning traffic) has on traffic during morning and afternoon peak rather than trusting a report which is very clearly flawed. The traffic issues generated by this particular development along with the medical suites on the opposite side of Fox Valley, the other proposed Childcare centre on the other corner and the future apartment development on the other side of the hospital will severely impact the livability of the area for current residents. I would be happy to discuss my comments further in person should you wish to contact me.

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