19 Forest Grove Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - 19-21 Forest Grove EPPING NSW 2121 - Demolition of existing dwellings, tree removal and construction of a five storey residential flat building with 2 levels of basement car parking. The application is identified as Integrated Development under the provisions of the Water Management Act 2000.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/55/2019)


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  1. J Dawes commented

    As stated in the environmental report, Although the site is not located within a heritage conservation area, it does border the Essex Street heritage conservation area to the east. I believe that the proposed development will have a negative impact to the neighbouring streetscape along Essex Street due to the significant loss of trees. It is stated in the arborist report that 17 trees out of 21 trees should be removed. However the remaining 4 trees are on neighbouring properties or on the street! All of the trees on the properties are to be removed in this proposal. The arborist recommends removal and replacement, but there is no indication that there is space on the property for replacement, nor an indication of the type of trees that would be replaced. The communal space on the property as designed is on the rooftop, not at ground level.
    I object to the extreme increase in density of residences - from 2 single family dwellings to 56 apartments seems egregious to me.

  2. Lizzie commented

    More trees to be removed. It's unbelievable. We came to live in Epping because of the trees. Is there some way of saving more than four on this development? All I read about lately is more development and more tree removal!

  3. Tina commented

    Some two years ago on the borderline of 19-21 Forest Grove Ausgrid interfererred with the root system of an exquisite mature lemon scented gum tree-perfectly healthy.The construction operators of 9-11 Forest Grove told the owners of 19 Forest Grove that it "would have to be removed " to allow for underground cables??( who were they to instruct an owner of a property?)The owners did not fight for that tree it was then "murdered" over a two day period by Ausgrid.(There was an investigation into this specific matter)The street is now incredible hot as a result as it provided so much shade.Is Council now going to allow more developed trees to be removed for units to be built leaving more and more dessert like conditions??Shame on Parramatta Council if you continue to allow more and more trees to be removed.Instead why not insist that on this specific development application( and others) that "developed trees "must be part of their plan for these unit surrounds and their nature strips.A new trend like this urgently needs addressed in the planning division of Parramatta Council now.

  4. Lizzie commented

    Totally agree with Tina's comment. We are supposed to be preserving the environment, not destroying it. The current heatwave should be enough warning for developers and the council to take heed.

  5. Jason commented

    I am also concerned about the loss of a significant number of mature trees, as well as the increased local traffic from the higher density.

    The development site is immediately adjacent to a walkway to Essex Street, and there should be design considerations in keeping with this. The development provides a golden opportunity for Council to consider how the thoroughfare could be enhanced.

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