19 Gardiner Av Warradale

Land Division Residential Torrens Title - 1 into 3 allotments and three two storey row dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 100/69/2019)


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  1. Johanna den Dekker wrote to local councillor Nathan Prior

    Everyone in this street. PROTEST. 3 on 1 block is too many.!!!!! Walk around to the end of Struan Ave and see the mess your street will be turned into. For years!! Plastic and rubbish everywhere. Dust covering everything. Loud machinery from 6 a.m. Be warned and PROTEST. I realise some development has to take place but with limits and more council inspections re the site conditions.

    Delivered to local councillor Nathan Prior. They are yet to respond.

  2. Ferna Harris commented

    I totally agree with Johanna den Dekker's comment. 3 on 1 block is way too much. When is our Council going to consider the feelings of its existing residents of many years. The neighborhood is very noisy and dusty and when taking my granddaughter in her stroller for a walk the other day, we had to keep crossing or going out on to the road because of the obstructions on the footpaths or they are all dug up and impossible to walk on. It seems to be everywhere and is never ending. Please, no more multi-storey homes and definitely, keep it down to 2 on a block if you have to have more than 1. These developers are getting out of control in their quest for money.

  3. Neil Morris commented

    Agree with previous posts. Most residents have 2-3 vehicles. The building to land ratio is also too high, often leaving only one useable car park onsite. If 3 dwellings built ther results in the street full of cars, in front of other residents housing. This is happening across the council area has decreased community safety and the basic use of road infrastructure.
    Minimum widths need to be increased and building to land % needs to be reduced to make development acceptable.
    When are council going to put safety and community well being ahead of revenue raising?

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