231 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Residential Flat Building (26 Units) with Basemment Parking & Shop Top and Demolition of Existing Buildings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00055896.001 )


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  1. Matt commented

    I’m all for this! Love that the area is developing. BUT we need trees!! So long as the developer is sensitive to any existing trees on the block, or even better plant some, then i’m in favour.

  2. Lindsey Edgar commented

    There are no details of this development in the DA. What is height, floor space ratio, no. of parking spaces for residents and shop etc.How much outdoor space will there be, trees etc?
    As previous commentors, I'm not anti development but 26 units seems a lot for one block.

  3. Janice McDougall commented

    Residents are so much against these buildings going up...so many angry people around really that are spoiling our peninsula and we are the ratepayers and this is spoiling everything...roads are to busy now parking on our narrow streets is bad enough now....Council think of us and stop these developers taking over...

  4. Lesley commented

    A high rise development of this size (what are the floor ratios, where can we see them?) is too much for low height Ettalong and Booker Bay. The real issue will be parking for tenants & customers if the shop(s). There is also a dire need for shade trees along this street to encourage visitors to walk between Ettalong shops & Galleria & ferry.

  5. Francis commented

    The Council need to stop approving developments such as this as they are totally out of character with Ettalong. It all started with the 'Tesrol' building opposite the Mantra, which the State Govt. approved over the Council's head, and developers have started breaking the rules since and somehow coercing the Council to approve their project.
    The only people who benefit from this type of totally inappropriate building are the developers... they ruin people's lives whose properties are affected and values reduced, and diminish the whole character of the town. They take their profits, move on and leave devastation behind.
    If this development is approved, soon the whole of the Ettalong Town Centre will be an unsightly continuous wall of tall buildings, destroying the vista from Brisbane Water, Wagstaffe and Pittwater.
    The Council need to be firm and not approve buildings that do not comply exactly with Planning Rules and are out of character with the area.
    This building is a monstrous over-development on only two blocks of land and totally unsuited to its low rise residential environment.
    In all sanity it must not be approved.

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