20-26 Allen Street Waterloo NSW 2017

Demolition of existing building, tree removal, construction of 4 storey residential building containing 70 units, basement parking and rooftop communal area. The application is Integrated Development requiring approval of Water NSW under the Water Management Act 2000.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2018/1595)


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  1. Ronald Smith commented

    Pitty the nut shop is going a great place another warehouse business bites the dust.
    Hope this development has no more commercial space at ground level (the nut shop would not be able to afford the rent no doubt) The area is super saturated with commercial vacant spaces. The Green Square commercial space under the Mirvac Ovo building in Bourke Street just a few hundred meters from the nut shop is all empty and thats with heavy foot traffic past the front of the vacant shops heading to and from the Green Square railway station.

  2. Peter commented

    My concern with this development application are the words 'tree removal.' I do not believe any tree removal on Allen Street is warranted and these mature trees would be a great loss to the community. It is also important that the development adhere to height requested (in the plans) and absolutely no higher. Other than that, the designs look good.

  3. Alexa Wyatt commented

    I also wish to object to the removal of trees for this development. We live in a city which is all too ready to lop down perfectly good mature trees for the sake of development. It should be mandatory for developments to work around existing trees and incorporate them into construction, rather than perceive them as obstacles. Our climate grows warmer and warmer and yet government and developers fail to sufficient steps to address this. It is mockery for this development to adhere to sustainability and basix requirements and yet demolish trees. Redesign the development around the trees.

  4. M Boothroyd commented

    This is another development within metres of where I live and no notification from council.
    Council pretends to care what the community thinks but doesn’t advise them of things in very close proximity.
    Are the people going into this development aware they are going to be sleeping right alongside a substation and we want to put 70 apartments in there. It actually buzzes/humms constantly. WHY would you have humans live right alongside it?
    It should be kept as light industry / office.
    I object to the beautiful mature trees being cut down and I’ll object now to thre height as the height on every development gone up in the are in the past 7 years has gone higher than restrictions.

  5. Jack Whiddon commented

    More mature trees approved to be removed.
    What a disgrace. This development should be forced to incorporate these existing trees into it's design. This city is fast becoming unliveable.

  6. William Donald commented

    Trees should not be removed for this development. There are not enough trees in the area already. Also, 70 units is too many especially next to an electricity substation that buzzes. I strongly oppose this development.

  7. Kate Donald commented

    Old native trees are rare in Waterloo and it would be a great shame to lose another to development. Please reconsider the need to remove the tree.

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