801 - 809 Pennant Hills Road Carlingford NSW 2118

Development Application - Implementation of controlled Parking Scheme at Carlingford Court Shopping Centre.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/899/2018)


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  1. Bruce Wheatley commented

    While the introduction of information advising of availability and location of parking spots is supported, it is difficult to believe there is a need to implement a time limit to free parking at Carlingford Court. One would have thought it highly unlikely that shoppers spend more than two, let alone three, hours at the centre given the existing mix of retailers. (I note that there is no mention of how long the period of free parking is to be.)

    I don't understand how the removal of the roundabout at Location 6 will enhance access to the multi-level car park as generally this doesn't seem to be a problem. It will make it more difficult for vehicles exiting that location as presumably they will be required to give way to:
    1) traffic entering from Pennant Hills Road wishing to travel to the western multi-deck car park or to the southern end of the centre, and
    2) traffic travelling from the southern end of the car park or the western multi-deck car park.

    The area of highest priority for the car park where resources should be concentrated is the access from Rembrandt Street into the at-grade car park. Traffic regularly backs up into the intersection of Rembrandt Street and Carlingford Road as vehicles wait to access this area. Consequently vehicles exiting into Rembrandt Street can have their vision obscured and not see vehicles proceeding further north in Rembrandt Street.

    What is to happen to those parking spaces currently allocated to seniors?

  2. Graeme WIlliams commented

    Bruce you obviously haven't noticed the abundance of apartments that have sprung up around the Court who seem to think that the Court offers great off street parking. People who abuse offerings stuff it up for everyone. Welcome to the new Australia.

  3. Andrew Jones commented

    It is correct that many people use the car park to park their cars & then catch the M54 etc to Epping Station seeing that Epping area parking is full by 7:30am
    I know that people have feared that a parking scheme would come in, will be interesting what the retailers say especially those that work for long hours at the shopping centre..lucky i walk to walk there

  4. Kaz commented

    During this modification to the car parking area if improved keep clear signs could be placed on Pennant Hills Rd & appropriate painting on roadway for vehicles to keep clear this would also assist in improved traffic management at the exit area into Pennant Hills Rd.

  5. Margaret commented

    Have heard parking won’t be free at Carlingford Court later in the year so that will stop parking all day so that will make more parking for shoppers. The car park is to be extended also which will be good.

  6. Neil Donovan commented

    I was there today at 3pm on a Saturday. Bumper to bumper gridlock to get out. More great planning approvals foisted upon us by the State Government. There is no sense of the affect on the "standard of living" proposed by the authorities. Carlingford Court is becoming a no-go zone for people over 60 as it is difficult to find a parking space and difficult to get out when you have. Time for this old-timer to find other shopping alternatives.

  7. G Laudams commented

    This change can’t come soon enough to prevent commuters and residents parking all day in this carpark! No matter what time of day or day of the week, the carpark is almost full and one dnds is on the uppermost level. As a very long time resident of this area I support this change. And 3 hours free parking (and perhaps more with a stamped shop docket) is surely enough for this centre.
    More needs to be done however for shoppers safety and exit control. During a recent storm the power went out throughout Carlingford Court and an announcement was broadcast to evacuate the centre. There was no staff at exit points to car parks or street entrances, but people left reasonably quickly and orderly in the dark. However, people trying to leave the carpark couldn’t do so as the carparks became totally gridlocked and cars couldn’t exit to roads because of heavy traffic! Imagine this in a very serious situation!

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