7-9 Granada Drive, Portarlington, VIC

Construction of a Dwelling more than 7.5 Metres in Height

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 1261/2018)


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  1. Anne commented

    I hope the neighbors don’t lose any views anda blocked out , this is happening a lot at Portarlington and it is a shame for people who have live their for years and all of a sudden all these homes are being built and people lose their views

  2. Frances commented

    I agree with Anne above. It's a shame that the impact on immediate neighbours' views is often not taken into account. Often a very minor alteration to the proposed building can make a huge difference to a neighbour's existing view, but they are not entitled to an input.
    In this case, why does the building have to be higher than the legal 7.5m? Every time an exception to the rule is made, the very thing we love about this town is compromised.

  3. Maggie Robinson commented

    Hi I agree with Anne having 3 story building right in front of us and 2 story would have a great view and we would be very happy 3 stories is very unhappy for us and our neighbours

  4. Tiff Paterson commented

    Our town of Portarlington is in very real danger of becoming overdeveloped and losing it’s charm which attracts us all to it. We are not a ‘growth-zone anymore and also don’t wish to be a target for greedy developers with no regard for our community. A significant view such as the You Yangs by law cannot be built out by new developments. We will fight for our peace and lifestyle we hold dear.

  5. Barry Dutton commented

    How can this be allowed to happen. We are in the process of building a house in your lovely town having moved from Bendigo. Our building approval application process was lengthy and time consuming. We adjusted our building plan on several occasions to comply with all the current building regulations. We would have loved our new home to rise above the 7.5 mt limit to take in the views, but regulations are regulations, and so, as stated we adjusted our plans to suit. We should all vote against the approval of this dwelling as once a precedent is set it is hard to go back. Thank you to all residents of Portarlington that have made us feel so welcome.

  6. Anne commented

    I agree with Barry In that we should all vote against this proposal to build this dwelling
    This has to stop and maybe if everyone votes against this it might stop further developments of this type

  7. Alan Wood commented

    The guideline of 7.5 metres height limit above natural ground level is in the planning rules to ensure that views for all in Portarlington are protected. The more that Council allow permits for building beyond these guidelines, the bigger the pressure will come to extend this guideline. One house in Alison Street on a sub-divided block that is clearly over the limit and built outside of it's own permit beyond 7.5 metres has been allowed to sneak through. This is the thin edge of the wedge and it should not only be the owners of existing dwellings but those for future dwellings that need to be protected. There needs to be exceptional reasons for someone to build beyond the 7.5 Metres and not just that neighbours need to be disadvantaged and complain. It is up to Council to do their job and protect the future of our community and not wait for us to complain!!!

  8. Chris Kelly commented

    The problem lies with the Portarlington Structure Plan, which residents did not object to when it was proposed. This allows differing height limits depending on where in the town the proposal is located - you can see the map on CoGG website. There is no voting involved in the objection process, but if residents want to object, make sure you phrase the objection to CoGG very carefully. Loss of view and period of residence is not a really strong ground for objection if the plans fall within the Plan’s guidelines. Best thing to hope for is the State Government’s election promise to legislate to protect the distinctive character of Bellarine townships, but this Granada Drive proposal could never fall under that - it will be decided on soon, under existing rules

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