48A Dorset Street Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - Section 4.55 (1A) modification to DA/739/2017 for construction of a two storey dwelling with an attached double garage. The modification seeks to amend Conditions 5, 7, 8 (b,c and d) and 44, which relate to retention of the Peppercorn tree in the front setback.

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(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/739/2017/A)


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  1. M.McCartney commented

    I object to this application to change the consent. The consent was made for good reasons so why change it now? The Peppercorn tree needs to be saved and the condition 7 needs to remain as its removal may negatively impact on other trees. If anything, condition 44 needs to be revoked and the tree pruning not be permitted.
    It is astonishing this DA was approved without an arborist report (as this is not evident on the website). This area is part of a remnant Blue Gum high forest ecological community of local significance. Unfortunately we have already seen many significant trees removed for development at 52 Dorset Street. This tree is of ecological value. We need to keep this one significant tree in this area at the very least.
    It is a leafy area and the tree adds significantly to the streetscape, which is a reason for the retention of trees recorded in the Hornsby DCP 2013. Please reject this application.

  2. A.Scott commented

    i object to the removal or trimming of this tree. the home being constructed there is very close to the street and very imposing compared to its surrounds. the tree at the least softens the size and imposing nature of the home. i concur with M.McCartney and suggest council should reject the application to modify or remove the tree.

  3. J Dawes commented

    The removal of the peppercorn tree was initially refused. Why should it now be permitted? It makes a difference to the streetscape and to the local microclimate to retain such established trees. Please keep the tree!

  4. R & A Browning commented

    Whilst the arborist report deems to "peppercorn" tree to be of low significance and therefore suitable for removal, we beg to differ.
    The tree is a mature specimen, being 40+ years old. It is visually prominent from a considerable distance when viewed from most directions and makes a positive contribution to the local amenity. It softens the impact of the imposing home being built. It seems to better fit the description of a tree in the high significance category of the stars rating system.
    Despite the apparent stress indicated by the arborist, we suggest that the regrowth happening now would indicate it's vigour.
    The "stress" placed on the tree is due to the poor management (a tree protection zone of 5m was not established nor maintained) within of the site by the construction company.
    Pruning during the construction was haphazard. Prior to the new development it was a typically healthy specimen and a feature of the streetscape.
    Knowing at the time of Approval that the tree was required to be retained, the impact on driveway location should have been addressed at that point, not now.
    As the conditions of consent were by decided by IHAP, any reversal of these conditions should also be made by a panel of IHAP, and allow adequate input from local residents.
    We respectfully request that the tree be retained and suitably cared for, as it has been a feature of the streetscape for 40+ years.
    The driveway design should be reviewed.

  5. Michael the Powerful Owl Guy commented

    Peppercorn trees are our federation trees - we have nearly felled them to extinction. They must be protected. They are more important to our culture than any development.

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