1 Bennetts Road West Dundas NSW 2117

Development Application - Demolition of existing structures, tree removal, lot consolidation and construction of a 57 place childcare centre over basement carpark.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/873/2018)


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  1. C Cummings commented

    The traffic coming off Park Road simply cannot handle a car park and center of this size. It’s concerning. The bottom of the street is also used effectively for parents to collect their children from St Patrick’s freeing up traffic on the other side of the creek. Turning off Park Road, you already come to a compete stop to accommodate park cars on either side of the road. Plus there are two existing child care centres within 900m of proposed site. Not including family day care.
    I have not made a donation or gift to any councilor or employee.

  2. Ann commented

    I think this is a wonderful proposal as Dundas is need of more child care centres to accommodate the growing number of residents.
    I agree that it may cause some disruption during the building process to near by residents, but once completed will be a great asset to the area.
    A child care centre is much more acceptable than a boarding house, which is also permitted in this area.
    As far as traffic congestion goes, there should not be any cars parked at the top of Bennett’s Rd West as council had erected No Parking signs some years ago and has not bothered to check them as some local resident removed those signs!

  3. Cheryl Lee Wilson commented

    I disagree that we need a childcare place in that spot. The road is too narrow and we have had many a "near miss" coming around the corner. If there is a "no parking " sign that has been removed (and I will check next time ) it should be replaced. Can the council please check on this? Thank you

  4. Lynn howles commented

    It was absolutely a waste of time and effort complaining about a 57 Place childcare centre being built at 1 bennetts rd west Dundas. Parramatta council does what it wants regardless of locals complaining. This block would have been ideal for four townhouses with their own parking, but parramatta council knocked that back. The best part is those members on councils planning panel don’t even live in the area. Come on residents of Dundas wake up!!!

  5. G. Muzzatti commented

    Agree. We must vote out all the current councilors from Parra Council. Next LG elections are in Sept 2021. Vote in candidates with a genuine concern with what is happening in our communities and who will act in the interests of citizens - not developers, real estate agents, spivs and grifters that infest local govt.

  6. ronniewarry commented

    Yes it is all about the developers in Parramatta LGA not about our quality of living it is overpopulated no parking more traffic and noise. All the developments are starting to look exactly the same.
    What happen to Putt Putt now that is an ugly development on a already dangerous intersection.
    What happen to Parramatta pool our quality of family life is being eroded.

  7. Cheryl wilson commented

    The local residents strongly fought against this application to no avail. Council had made their minds up. This childcare centre is totally inappropriate in this spot near the corner. This is going to cause chaos and accidents.

  8. Trish commented

    I agree Cheryl! And the builders are running around with no respect for residents time or vehicles. They often leave witches hats blocking parking on days that aren’t even no parking. So rude!
    I am a mother to young children. I will not be sending my kids there even if it is in walking distance. And I will be telling ALL my mother friends not to do it either.
    For the council to approve it is seriously wrong and I shake my head every time I drive past it. Or to be honest every time I’m waiting outside it because the trucks are blocking me 😡. Do better Parramatta council.

  9. Robert Pellegriti commented

    This is a joke . I will also be voting to throw these imbeciles out . If you read the traffic study , they must have done it at 3am on a Sunday night . Many families use bennetts rd west to pick up their kids from st pats. It will only be a matter of a time until the congestion causes a child being run over or a vehicle accident . Irresponsible and greedy behavior from a council so out of touch .

  10. Kerrie Moon commented

    I too agree with all the comments regarding the fight that local residents put forward regarding this Application. I also question exactly WHAT do our "elected Councillors " do and WHEN was the last time you either heard or saw them?? They only seem to come out WHEN there is an election. Yes.. what has happened to relocation of Putt Putt ? Where are Councillors support in having that reinstated?

  11. Lynn howles commented

    I am very glad that some residents of Dundas have finally realised that no matter what they want for their area they basically have no say as Parramatta council will do as they please. I was the owner of 1 bennetts rd west for over 50 years and during that time spent many thousands of dollars trying to get one extra residence for our son to live in behind the existing home.
    Fantastic architectural plans were presented to the planning panel where the one extra residence would not have effected anyone at all, but sadly was rejected. I sincerely apologise to all those residents close to this address who will now have to endure the mayhem of what parramatta council planning panel deem acceptable for the area. So much for NSW new planning rules of “The missing middle”!! Yes vote them out and take control of your own futures, time ran out for us and we gave up fighting them.

  12. Diann Creighton commented

    I live in Yawung Street Dundas, I went for a walk yesterday to have a look at Bennett's road. Funny, the council has put signs up for the developers so there is no parking in the street for the trucks to come. So its ok for signs to go up in that street but we have asked the council lady in traffic department many times regarding a no parking sign to be put up at the corner of Park road and Yawung street. We were told the council don't put up signs anymore so why has the council put them up in Bennetts road? Is it because under the table deals are done with council?
    Why we wont a sign is because cars park too close to yawung street corner and traffic coming out of Yawung Street can't see traffic coming.it is very dangerous and a accident will happen there. I have told the lady at the council now they are aware of the danger they now have a duty of care and will be responsible when an accident happens. Maybe if I give a donation to the council something may be done. She said when you see a car parked there ring and a ranger will come out , so I'm suppose to sit up there all day to wait for a car to come? Get real council.

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