30 - 42 Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - 30-42 Oxford Street, EPPING NSW 2121 Lot A DP 354692, Lots 1A and 1B DP 102387 and Lot C DP 389716 - Section 4.55 (1a) modification to consent DA/585/2016, for demolition of existing structures, retention of a heritage item and construction of a 17 storey mixed-use development. The proposed modification involves amending Condition 37, to extend the hours of construction work from 7am-5pm to 7am-7pm, Monday to Saturday.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/585/2016/F)


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  1. JDawes commented

    Running construction until 7 pm 6 days a week seems an unnecessary imposition on nearby residents and pedestrians, who are already seriously impacted by the trucks, noise and disruption that the construction causes. I object to this extension to operating hours.

  2. Norman Jessup commented

    I wish to object to the proposed extension of construction times, The evening peak hour traffic is already well-established by 5:00 p.m. Allowing construction work for a further two hours each evening would significantly exacerbate an already serious problem.

  3. PAmery commented

    I wish to object to the extension of construction times. This will impact the local restaurants in this area. If you wish to go out to eat it will make parking harder to find when it is already nearly impossible.

  4. A Francis commented

    I object to this application. I live behind this construction and we are already severely impacted in terms of noise and dust. I know from witnessing it that on many occasions they have worked well past 5pm, one night making noise until 8pm without notifying the local neighbours. Please do not allow this, we need to come home in the evenings from our jobs to relax, not to be subjected to more noise, it’s not fair.

  5. M.McCartney commented

    Please reject this modification request. I do not agree that extending the hours of construction is in the public interest (as is claimed), especially for Saturdays when there is not even a peak hour to justify the applicant's reason for this request. This modification is purely for the benefit of the construction company, which claims to be having delays due to the additional bus zones to cater for the closure of the Epping to Chatswood railway line. The construction company should be told this is an inconvenience they will just have to wear. Otherwise this will set a precedent for other construction work in the Epping Town Centre. 7am to 5pm is as much noise and inconvenience as the community can tolerate. Adding two hours will place too much stress and strain on the already very unhappy community.
    It may also be that during the Christmas season school holidays there will be less buses and therefore less delays for the construction vehicles for this site. This would render this modification unnecessary and thereby be giving the developer a gift and license to complete the construction faster and get the apartments ready for sale more quickly.

  6. Sue Simmonds commented

    I would also ask Council to reject this request, and all other similar requests. Residents deserve a rest from noise outside reasonable working hours. Twelve hours per day from 7 am to 7 pm is not reasonable. Restaurants need the parking spaces for their patrons, both take-away and dine-in. Based on previous experience, if the hours are extended, then so too will be the extra hours the builders tend to add.

  7. Elizabeth Walker commented

    I agree with all the above comments. A twelve hour a day building schedule is unreasonable, unfair to residents and businesses and sets a dangerous precedent for the future. We already have constant building, trucks, cranes and traffic delays in the Epping area. Enough is enough.

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