189 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga NSW 2076

CC18/124447-3 for SSD5535 - Private Certifier - New 3 Level school building with basement car park.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference CCPCA0557/18)


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  1. George Gleeson commented

    KMC, Surely you are not going to allow another high rise building to be erected on or near the intersection of Fox Valley Road and The Comenarra Parkway!!!
    The current approved Developments in this section of Wahroonga are already the subject of much community angst. When is it going to stop!!!
    As our elected representatives it is the duty of all our councilors to step up and cease this over development in the Fox Valley precinct.
    It is time that all DAs were considered with thought as to how the cumulative effect of they all DAs impact on an area and not, as appears to be the case, in isolation.
    George Gleeson

  2. Ad van den Boogaard commented

    Dear KMC,

    We look forward to your response to this DA to see if all the proof and daily evidence of the Fox Valley road's over-capacity has yet convinced you to put an end to any further approvals of this nature as we have seen so far.

    This area turns out to be a smorgasbord for developers!

    This would be a great opportunity for KMC to show how much you really care about the people who trust you and who have given you this responsibility in the first place!

    Thank you and regards,

  3. Y Heng commented

    KMC Councillors,

    Surely you are not going to allow yet another high rise building to be erected on or near the intersection of Fox Valley Road and The Comenarra Parkway?! The current approved developments in this section of Wahroonga are already the subject of much community angst. When is it going to stop?

    As our elected representatives it is the duty of all our councillors to step up and voice the angst of the community and put an end to this over-development in the Fox Valley area.

    It is time that all DAs are considered within the perspective as to the cumulative effect of all of them on an area and not, as appears to be the case thus far, considered individually and in isolation.

  4. Tracey Rock commented

    KMC Councillors,
    As a resident who has both had her car rammed at the fox valley road/Comenarra parkway intersection by a road raged driver, and a parent of P plating teenagers who are still learning what lengths frustrated drivers will go to, when will the development of the roads and intersections be kept in line with the development that you keep approving? Why has the parking along Comenarra recently changed to include more parking before an over used intersection (see expert traffic report from DA for daycare centre on corner of Fox Valley/Comenarra) and are we waiting until someone is killed near the SA school before we remove parking from both sides of the road on fox valley road?
    Surely approving more development at the SAN will increase the traffic in this area to unbearable levels. I understand that you think that as the traffic is not fast moving it will not lead to a death, but it is only a matter of time before a frustrated driver takes out a pedestrian with illegal turning at both the SAN entrance and the fox valley/comenarra parkway intersection. I have seen this almost happen at least every second week.

  5. A Lyle commented

    KMC Councillors,
    Surely, there are enough DAs along Fox Valley Rd. Kuringgai is known for its green and healthy air. With these multiple DAs for high rise buildings along Fox Valley Road, the "green" will be replace by concrete structures and its 'green environment', shall be lost forever. With all these developments, the results are not only increased number of residents, the current already congested traffic will be worsened and accompanied by toxic hazard fumes emitted by the slow moving congested traffic. Surely, this can be detrimental to our future generations, i.e. the young children attending the SA schools particularly the primary school children as young as 5 years old. Trees will be removed as already happened with the current construction of the enormous Medical Consulting Clinics at the corner of Fox Valley Rd and Comenarra Parkway. KMC must assess the cumulative effects of all these developments before approving further developments.

  6. Avona Butterfield commented

    KMC Councillors
    The time has come for Council to address the concerns of all residents in the Fox Valley Road area and call a halt to new DAs until an independent, comprehensive examination of traffic and parking issues is carried out. Already-approved DAs will add thousands of extra vehicle movements and increase out-of-area parking in an area which lacks both the infrastructure to cope and the space for the necessary infrastructure. The major intersection of Fox Valley Road and The Comenarra Parkway is often grid-locked as early as 3.40pm and streets to the south of the intersection have become free parking lots for staff and visitors to the SAN. This is a low-density residential area, but it might as well be in the inner city as there is nowhere for residents, their friends, cleaners or gardeners to park during the day. Slip lanes and a new set of traffic lights north of the SAN will not solve the problems. Traffic modelling for all the current DAs have only shown estimates for the vehicle movements which will be generated by each DA, not estimates of the traffic movements on the road into which these vehicles will pour. The traffic modelling for the 127-place child care centre at the intersection was out of date and about half that of resident checks. The effect of that traffic and that generated by the enormous specialist centre on the corner diagonally opposite will be horrendous with cars disrupting the traffic stream as they cross lanes to enter or exit the buildings.

    Many residents of this area have, like us, lived here for more than forty years. We cherish this area and trust our Councillors to preserve this part of Ku-ring-gai's green heart and ensure that rapacious over-development does not destroy what makes the area so lovely.

    I have made no gift to any Councillor or Council employee.

  7. S. Baker commented

    Dear KMC Councillors,

    We do not support, but understand that development will occur as our city grows, and inevitably that is creeping closer to our home. What is causing incredible frustration and concern for us is that road development to alleviate congestion and maintain safety is not keeping pace with construction, increased traffic flows and an increase to residents in the Fox Valley and surrounding area. Please make this a priority as a matter of urgency.

    We are also negatively impacted by a plan to install traffic calming devices in local streets, when the traffic has likely increased (both from locals and residents escaping Pacific Highway congestion as well as due to increased traffic flows accessing the new facilities being built) as a direct result of development that Council has approved without adequate road widening, intersection management, access, or parking planning. This is quite baffling and is a source of enormous frustration and anger to us.

    You are accountable for the effective management of development in a sustainable manner and this is not currently evident.

  8. Gail Wiseman commented

    KMC, we implore you to please listen to the very community you have been trusted to represent. Why are greedy developers and the Adventist organisation consistently prioritised over the community? We count on you to take care of the place where we have invested our homes and want to raise our children in a safe and healthy environment. We have made so many rational points with regard to increased traffic, evacuation in the event of a bushfire and the unique and precious nature of this area. Yet we are challenged with one DA after another for buildings that threaten all three of these points. Why is each DA treated in isolation, when it is the additive effect that will ultimately have such a devastating and permanent impact on the area? Please listen to your community and stop this spiralling and devastating impact on Fox Valley.

  9. Robyn Staveley commented

    Dear KMC,
    To add to the earlier comments, we also cannot believe that even more development, in close proximity to an extremely busy and dangerous intersection, is proposed. Yesterday, as well as congestion caused by cars parked to all the limits of spaces along Fox Valley Road, the road was intermittently closed off in both directions to allow for trucks and movement of building materials. This was during the 11am period, not even peak hour, but the whole of Fox Valley Road and all entries were at a stand still. Then, an ambulance was trying to make its way along Fox Valley Road. There was absolutely nowhere to go, people honking their horns, ambulance driver wildly gesticulating, trying to drive down the wrong side of the road as people tried to push in. What chaos! I sincerely hope that the ambulance was able to assist whomever was in need, but it certainly would not have been timely. With a hospital and emergency room in close proximity, what is KMC thinking in even considering more development?

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