27 Braeside Street Wahroonga NSW 2076

Proposed construction of 6 dwellings pursuant to SEPP2004 ( housing for seniors or people with a disability )

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0565/18)


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  1. Walter Hill commented

    A complete obliteration of Upper North Shore quality of living standards and property..

    A final nail in the coffin of the previous lifestyle enjoyed on the Upper North Shore.

    We are rapidly gaining an overcrowded down market people environment with English

    rarely heard in Wahroonga, and townhouses full of refugees from the lower North and

    Inner West of Sydney.

  2. William S commented

    This property is wholly inappropriate for 6 dwellings in this area and particularly this street at this number. I also recall the street scape is heritage listed. I also attended the open viewings at the sale of this house as a local resident and this is an abuse of the over 55 / diasabilty provisions. There is an abuse of such housing by ruthless developers already north of Junction Rd. Where does the rot end?

  3. William B commented

    I think it’s about time we made such developments available so that elderly citizens can continue to live in the same area where they chose to grow old. Developments like these make our community a caring one. People who object, unfortunately, are not stating their true reasons for their objections.
    Well done Kur-Ring-Gai Council.

  4. William S commented

    This proposed development is wholly inappropriate in a heritage listed area, an area which is few and far between these days. There are already a preponderance of over 55 developments and ever new ones being constructed north of Junction Rd. Demand for over 55's can be more than met by non-heritage area development very close by. There is no need for this development whatsoever in a heritage listed area. This is simply an abuse by the developer and will set a precedent of being able to build such developments in any heritage area. Home owners in this heritage area would never be allowed to develop their land so intensively, so why should a profit making developer be able to so at the expense of the rest of the community.

    Ku-ring-gai Council should absolutely oppose this application and make it clear the site can only be developed as a single residence in keeping with the LLEP and other statutes that govern the streetscape and listed buildings nearby

  5. Laura L commented

    Building units in a solely residential area of single family homes, with not one but two schools within walking distance (one for special needs children), on an already overcrowded street at school time, where parking is nearly impossible, is probably not the most intelligent decision to make. Understood many seniors require a place to live, but has anyone actually determined if it is indeed local residents looking to downsize that purchase these units? I would most certainly be interested in that data.

    Given the high traffic at the corner of Wahroonga Ave & Braeside St at school time, my response to this would be to give it a miss, before more congestion is added, as the parking situation on Braeside has already resulted in many near accidents (a separate issue which the council needs to address).

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