2 Chifley Close North Wahroonga NSW 2076

Demolition of existing and construction of new dwelling E4 zone

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference CDC0020/18)


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  1. Andrew Morgan commented

    The main points I would like considered in this application are:
    1. Is this development intended to accommodate boarders? Given the size of the development and the plans submitted e.g. a media room and large gymnasium, I would like a guarantee from the applicant, to be enforced if necessary by Ku-Ring-Gai Council that the future intended use is not to be used to accommodate commercial boarders and that the building would not be modified internally after completion to accommodate boarders.
    2. If this development is to accommodate in part or whole, rent paying boarders, I would have concerns regarding noise and what measures would be undertaken to limit noise affecting adjacent properties especially given the size and position of the gymnasium and the applicant expressing to me personally that the building would be part financed by income derived form letting out rooms.
    3. If the development is used as a boarding house in the future would Ku-Ring-Gai Council limit the number of boarders that could be accommodated at any one time.
    4.Similarly, I have concerns that the proposed structure would impact on the privacy of adjacent properties e.g. would it overlook the swimming pool located at 14 Barton Crescent, North Wahroonga.

  2. Brian Evans commented

    Brian Evans

    I would like to support the comments of Andrew Morgan set out above. It is clear to me, from the plans, that the building is set up to attract lodgers and further is also set up to be adjusted even further, in the future, to accommodate multiple boarders. The flow of the rooms, the multiple "recreation" rooms (media, fitness and leisure rooms), the multiple bathrooms and potential for an extra kitchen in the fitness room using the "future bar" plumbing, all point toward a potential boarding house. Additionally, any or all of those spaces have the potential to be converted to extra bedrooms after completion. I am certainly concerned about the noise and traffic issues posed but such a change of use . What is essentially a large gymnasium (fitness room) has windows pointing at 1 and 3 Chifley Close and such a facility has the potential to be used commercially or at least in association with loud music and equipment noise. If a bar is indeed added in the future, then the fitness room quickly becomes a "party room" for the boarders.

    In light of these concerns I also question whether or not the application is appropriately made via the CDC system. Should it not have been submitted as a Development Application?

    Lastly, if lodgers are necessary for servicing the loan for this project, as suspected by Mr Morgan, how would that loan be serviced prior to completion and is there a risk that funds will not be available sufficient to complete the building thus leaving the property as an ugly, incomplete building site?

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