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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 62 Abuklea Rd Eastwood NSW 2122

  1. 73A Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121
    about 6 hours ago, 1.8 km away

    Tree Application - Request for the removal of one (1) Tree Reason: Tree next to car port at front of the house It is located right next to the car port and when we first moved into the property over 20 years ago it was a small tree but now it has grown to be very tall and wide. The branches fall off easily during storms and damage the car port. As shown in the attached pictures two of the car port's timber posts initially sat well above lawn but now the lawn top meets the base of timber posts obviously due to growing roots underneath. I have attached another picture showing the posts still well above ground level with no tree next to them. Also ants loves living in the tree and despite numerous attempts at removing them they always come back. They get into the house and are a nuisance. I am allergic to ants and insecticides and it is very stressful for me when the ants come into the house from the tree.

  2. 44 - 46 Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121
    4 days ago, 1.5 km away

    Development Application - 44-48 Oxford Street, EPPING NSW 2121 - Section 4.55 (1A ) modifications to DA/485/2016 for Demolition of all existing structures including the Heritage listed dwelling on site, tree removal, construction of a mixed use development in the form of 2 towers (15 & 18 Storeys tall) over a podium and basement car parking. Modification is sought for amendments to various conditions in schedules 1 & 2 as detailed in the statement of environmental effects.

  3. 30 - 42 Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121
    about 1 month ago, 1.5 km away

    Development Application - 30-42 Oxford Street, EPPING NSW 2121 Lot A DP 354692, Lots 1A and 1B DP 102387 and Lot C DP 389716 - Section 4.55 (1A) Modification to DA/585/2016 for the demolition, retention of a heritage item and construction of a 17 storey mixed use development, shop top housing, ground floor retail, basement parking and 254 residential units. The modifications includes: - amendment of Condition No. 2 to amalgamate Units A13.07 and A13.08 and reconfigure Unit A15.03. - amendment of Condition No. 7 to refer to the modified number of units and unit mix. - revised Section 94 contributions as a result of modifications. - amendment of Condition 71(c) to provide 2 x 15 litre containers for general waste and recyclable materials of 2 x 20 litre bins.

  4. 2 Cambridge Street Epping NSW 2121
    about 2 months ago, 1.6 km away

    Development Application - 2-4 Cambridge Street EPPING NSW 2121 - Section 4.55 (1A) modification to approved DA/1063/2016 for amalgamation of 3 lots into 1, tree removal, demolition of existing structures and construction of a 23 storey shop top housing development containing a retail shop, commercial office space and 83 residential apartments over basement parking for 128 vehicles. The modifications include amendment to condition 14 relating to Section 94 Contributions.

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