8 Flathead Road, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Secondary Dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2018.00055739.001 )


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  1. Dani commented

    No more please!!! No more development on the peninsula- there is no infrastructure to ensure its safe and liveable

    Please council this has to stop!

    Councillors try walking here at night here and see how many near misses you have with traffic due to poor lighting, no footpaths, no gutters or safe road edges. You have to walk on the street and avoid getting hit by cars that can’t see people.

    Councillors please walk around here and see how many people, and worse children, on push bikes are now narrowly being missed excessive cars on roads with poor visibility and no room on the streets.

    Councillors please stop

  2. Judith Warren commented

    I’m very concerned about the amount of “secondary” /granny flats that are being built in this area without what appears to be any overall planning.
    Has council considered the impact on sewerage and waterways. The amount of dwellings that now use gravel back laneways as their access ways which they clearly were not purposes designed for. The rise in traffic and density of population on the infrastructure in this area.
    With the extra revenue council is raising is there any likelihood of curb and guttering plus paths for the rising population?

  3. Dani commented

    We have been counting the number of cars in our street - A very short culdesac in Umina.
    Our street has no gutters, no side walk, and mostly poorly laid loose gravel, holes in the verge packed with parked cars. We have a car pass our house every 20 seconds. Every 20 seconds all day every day. We can have over 40 cars parked in our short street. Small houses with massive granny flats will have 5 cars parked at the house on the verge.

    We have cars speed down our street all night, we have documented cars speeding at 11pm, 12pm, 2am, 3am.

    Our children have to walk on the street because their is no side walk and where there is grass it’s full of parked cars. Cars go by very 20 seconds as they try to walk safely on the only spot to walk ... the busy road. They have been hit by rocks being thrown off the road and nearly hit by cars when they are walking and riding their bikes.

    Is this the Umina/Ettalong/Ocean Beach that the residents really want? Once the area has lost its value it gone..

    Developers and investors blatantly ignoring building laws. a council not concerned about the safety and amenity of the area. Is this really what the residents want??

    I am very saddened by what is being done to this beautiful area

  4. john o'leary commented

    interesting to say the least ..... as per recent examples, a secondary dwelling is not required to provide commensurate access for parking & indeed in this case consumes most of the existing primary dwelling's parking (the balance of which can only be accessed by gate / tree removal & a relocated invert over / across the street's primary swd inlet outside the property ... despite the claims of the SEE clause 3.1.5 which fails to mention any of this).

    unlike recent development on webb road where even the existing had no off-street parking before a secondary dwelling (with no further parking) was added & that is now further complicated by an opposite development at a "constricted / ill-aligned intersection" at least here there remains a modicum of on street parking way from intersections & other access for the owners & their new tenants.

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