26 Marshall Road Kirrawee NSW 2232

Section 4.55 (2) modification of DA17/0321 - modify sill height of windows from 1500mm to1330mm and modify internal layout of TV room

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference MA18/0435)


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  1. Maria Turner commented

    It is saddening to think this is all it takes. Finally the approved DA plan is displayed on SSC due to this submission. The build is already built and with the significant variations to the approved DA, also not mentioned in this submission. His PCA didnt do his job and disappointingly council is likely to approve this builders submission.
    Was this effort/funding factored in? I guess. Will it happen again elsewhere? Likely.
    Four townhouses in a small space. Privacy depending on the neighbours' trees that are barely attached to the sandstone undergrowth and Sydney Water prefers some of these trees removed. A 'TV room' is advertised as the 3rd bedroom in TH #3 and 4, previously refused by SSC in 1st DA for reasons noted. It has a small internal wall, wall extended in the 'TV Room' that now allows the width of a door. It would not be difficult to remove to adher to one part of the current approved DA.
    It was noted in an SSC alert shortly after this DA was approved that privacy, noise, over population and environmental impact will be noted in future DA submissions. If this submission were to be approved then maybe the SSC alert is not quite the case.

  2. Anne Monahan commented

    This is an example of a builder who has breached the conditions of consent throughout the build & the Private Certifier not ensuring the development is done according to consent.
    The rear townhouses were consented as 2 bedrooms each & now being sold as 3 bedrooms, as the TV area has become a room.
    The builder now wants consent for condition 2 iii to be changed to what he has built.
    The plants of existing properties do not give privacy from this development (as stated in the MA). All living areas of the 5 neighbouring properties are visible from this development.
    Consent was given with no rear bedrooms. The developer has built x2 bedrooms with lower sills, contrary to SSC consent.
    Why are the rainwater tanks & clothes lines not positioned according to the consented design?
    Council do not give retrospective approval to this builder please.

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