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41 Broadarrow Road Narwee

Shop-top Housing Development

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Sydney and Regional Planning Panels, reference 2018SSH048 DA)


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  1. David Dallal commented

    A develpment such as this one and more like it should be welcomed in narwee it will bring vibrancy and life to the area.
    Specially after the station upgrade and new m5 to be completed within the near future.
    considering that the cbd ,international and domestic airports are so easy to get to from narwee by train a hostel/short stay style development can also work here.
    Re: 41 Broadarrow rd
    Be great if a coles/woollies supermarket would occupy a commercial tenancy.
    With cafe , restaurants maybe gym
    And allocated public parking be set aside in basement levels

  2. Gabi petry commented

    I strongly disagree. We are overdeveloping our suburbs. The infrastructure cannot keep up with the overpopulation. Our schools cannot provide proper education due to the large number of children in the classroom. Playground space is. Ring taken away for more rooms. Then we wonder why our children are nit active. Transport cannot provide for the volume of commuters. In fact the number of train services from Narwee has decreased over the years. As for the m5. The development is 20 years too late. Our beautiful city us becoming a large ghetto. Overpopulated it takes longer to get to town than it did 10 years ago. Driving across King George’s road can take up to 10 - 15 minutes. How is that improving our standard of living. It’s disgraceful that council does not listen to the people. What ever happened to democracy. Councils only care about money & profit. Unfortunately mom if this money seems to go bVk to the community. Shame shame Shame
    Concerned resident

  3. Michelle Tesoriero commented

    Stack 'n' pack developments are being imposed on us. Planning panels are obeying Agenda 2030's 'Smart Cities' human settlement programme. There is nothing smart nor humane about stacking people along railway corridors. No exercise for adults either: just take a lift downstairs (except when their is a power blackout) to buy your coffee and groceries.

  4. Graham Williamson commented

    The costs of urban consolidation, high density housing, or stack 'n' pack', are clear everywhere.
    Let us be perfectly clear, for quality of life who would prefer high density suburbs to leafy green suburbs with single residence allotments? Certainly not most urban planners no doubt!
    The evidence is everywhere.
    Even the supposed 'advantages', such as 'climate change', are without scientific foundation. There is no scientific evidence of reversible human caused climate change in local areas, and even if there were, removing green space and people's gardens is all negative.
    Take a look around at high density suburbs, and leafy green low density suburbs. Do we really wish to continue progressively lowering our standard of living? Urban planners should be seeking to improve housing standards and create community harmony, not create social problems.

  5. Tanja Grifa commented

    Once the one went up on the other side of the station it was all over. That one now sticks out like a sore thumb so, what the heck.....let’s make it the norm. Despite there now being an oversupply of units. What is the plan? How many of these high rises are planned? How unpleasant is it going to be? The area needs to be improved, absolutely. But do we have to shove as many tiny apartments as possible in a tiny area? Is it going to be like Wolli Creek or Canterbury? The only winners are the developers who live in lovely leafy suburbs and the councils who will make a killing from developers levies and more rates.
    You can’t find parking in Narwee to do any local shopping as it is. I can’t see this improving with the increased traffic. I only hope the zoning area isn’t widened down the track.

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