40 Jones Street Kingswood NSW 2747

Demolition of Existing Structures, Construction of Six (6) x Two (2) Storey Townhouses & Strata Title Subdivision x 6 Lots

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA18/1182)


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  1. Mathew commented

    Dedicated parking on paper, in neat bays, is not how people use streets. The map is not the territory.

    Council keep rubber stamping build up in this street. Fine. But we get no reduction in speed limit to protect increasing population from increased traffic. Then the increased traffic on second avenue blocks exit and entrance. Where’s the missing roundabout ?

    We seem to get all the inconveniences of city life with fewer of the benefits. Is this the best Penrith possible ?

  2. Noddy commented

    Mathew really you don't expect anything from our unconstitutional PENRITH CITY COUNCIL REAL ESTATE AGENTS!! They just want bigger & bigger all you have to do is look at all phallic symbols beening built around our once beautiful City!!
    We all need to wake up!!!

  3. Melissa commented

    Just take a look at lethbridge street the new development around us is terrible as of the 3rd this month the so called Penrith council approved one right next door to us which is wrong they don’t care about ppl or they care about is money

  4. Noddy commented

    Got it in ONE Melissa! The UNCONSTITUTIONAL Penrith City Council Real Estate Agents are just doing what they want they don't care that WE THE PEOPLE want some infrastructure our roads can't cope anymore, Penrith has turned into a city of Highrise Cranes!!

  5. Melissa commented

    Got that right noddy just today some tipper guy came to my door and wants me to move my car from the street I live on and I have a right to park there so he can park there trucks there so I think there is going to be some trouble in this street when they demolish the green building that’s opposite Penrith high school I live right next to it there doing this cause when there all built all the rates around Penrith will go up sick of the greedy council pushing ppl out which we will have to move cause there is a 3m car park right next to where I live going in

  6. Catherine commented

    Are they still continuing With knocking this address down ?

  7. Wendy Spinks commented

    To the residents of Penrith.
    Currently the Penrith Council and the Penrith Planning Department is not listening to what the residents of Penrith wants. They are trying to place all residents in flats, town house, boarding houses, reducing the size of land more cars parked on the street, increasing the traffic on local street.
    The Penrith Council and the Penrith Planning Department do not look at the comments on the Planning Alert pages. All submission should be email to: council@penrith.city or maybe to the Mayor email:ross.rossfowler.com.au

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