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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Coffs Harbour City Council, reference 0415/19DA)


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  1. Andrew Boyden commented

    As a resident of Woolgoolga My House in the Sunset Caravan Park has been flooded to a depth of 0.5metres on 3 separate occasions in the past 8 years due to flooding in Jarrett's Creek. The additional run off of storm water from this development will put the entire Caravan Park at risk of flooding. The traffic survey that you conducted was prior to the opening of the Woolworth's Super Market and done on the Easter Weekend instead of a normal working day when the volume of normal traffic in Beach Street has increased dramatically making it very difficult for traffic to make a right hand turn out of Bultitude Street onto Beach Street. The access to the RSL car park will also be seriously compromised by the additional cars and general traffic movement from this Development. A set of traffic lights or a roundabout will need to be installed to address this problem. As a resident and knowing how close the Art Gallery, Rainbow Cottage Kindergarten and Norfolk Close Residential Complex has come to being flooded, additional water run off from this development will only exacerbate the flooding problem in the area surrounding the Development. In the case of a "East Coast" Low a large Volume of Water over a prolonged period of time will fall on the Development and I doubt that the proposed Retention Basin would be able to hold back such a large amount of water under those circumstances.

  2. Anne Boyden commented

    In addition to previous points made I would also like to add that the proposed development will exceed the current height regulation. The flood mound will be at least 4 metres high with four storey buildings on top. This will create a huge edifice on Beach Street right at the entry to the town centre compromising the idea and look of Woolgoolga's village atmosphere.
    The traffic survey did not mention any movement of traffic from the RSL car park which enters and exits very close the the Beach/ Bultitude Street intersection and is very busy on the days when Bingo or exercise classes are held at the club.

  3. glenn buckley commented

    I believe this development will be of great benefit to the local town and will provide an economic stimulus to the community via its construction and on going spending by residents. The development is in keeping with the City council;s master plan objectives for the area and adheres to all current council codes.
    It will provide accommodation for seniors which is located on flat ground and it will be easily accessable to shopping,public transport, medical facilities and social facilities such as Clubs and restaurants.
    i fully support this development as it believe it will enhance the viability and local amenity of Woolgoolga.

  4. Robert Buckley commented

    With all the improvements and development that’s happening at Woolgoolga isn’t it about time Coffs Council spent some money on the main entry Roads coming from the North and the South of Solirty Island Way from where the round a bout near Woolworths.

    When visitors and travelers first arriving all they see is undeveloped drains, overgrown and ditches between the bridge near Newmans road all the way South passed the round a bout as far as the industrial estate, it’s a disgrace and should have been on the agenda long ago, most people who resides at Woolgoolga are proud of their town, but are ashamed of the approaches coming into Woolgoolga, at the present we cannot call Woolgoolga a tidy town and certainly wouldn’t receive any awards for it, over the years our rates have increased but I’ve seen very little improvements or money spent on this one issue that sticks out like a soar toe.
    Make us residence proud and giving our visitors a more pleasant stay, after all they come here and spend money that helps the local economy, improvements would only make Woolgoolga more attractive and draw more people to spend their holidays and money here.

  5. Anne Boyden commented

    I would like to add another point regarding the danger of flooding to the Woolgoolga Art Gallery. Since the new temple has been erected in Hastings Street there have been improvements made to the drainage system which links Hastings St through the corner block on the West side of Short Street. Coupled with this the building of the units on the East corner of Short St and the building of the temple has caused more flood plain to be lost and now the upper reaches of Jarretts Creek is fed by a large and very direct culvert under Beach Street instead of meandering around the edge of that block. This will increase the amount and speed of the storm water drainage and coupled with the outlets from the development's bio-retention basin I believe will significantly increase the risk of flooding in the Woolgoolga Art Gallery and further downstream in the Sunset Caravan Park not to mention flooding of the road at the already inadequate culvert in Bultitude Street.

  6. Daphne Parker commented

    What a boon this development will be to our community. Woolgoolga is such a lovely township and many people choosing to retire here. This development will address the need for over 55's accommodation in the area. With such close proximity to many services in the town; shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, medical, tourist attractions and the beach are all within walking distance to this development, having little or no impact on traffic movement.

  7. Paul Fitzpatrick commented

    As a Realestate agent I can see there is a need for this type of accommodation for the senior citizens. When people are trying to source this type of accommodation they are forced to look out of this area because there is no suitable property for them to buy.
    This type of accommodation will be highly sought after.

  8. Victoria Aubusson commented

    I believe this development will be of great benefit to our Woolgoolga community. There is a growing need for accommodation for seniors in the community and if we do not continue to make provision for it, people will be forced to move away from where they have spent a great part of their lives. This in turn impacts on other members of their families still within our community. This development will also bring more jobs to the area, something we desperately need to continue to keep our young people here and allow them to stay and raise their own families in such a great place. I do not understand why some people who live here want everything to stay the same. They have had the privilege of growing up in such a beautiful place and now they wish to deny the same rights to others because the don’t want progress, they want everything to stay the same. I find this a rather selfish and backward attitude. Not wishing to offend but without progress our town would wither away because the opportunities for younger people would be reduced forcing them to have to go elsewhere. I for one want to see young families being able to live and work in our area.

  9. Alicia commented

    The Mid-North Coast Region is lacking in this type of accommodation for such a highly sought after area for retirees. Woolgoolga is a perfect position for an over 55's development, being so close to the beach, medical facilities, restaurants etc. A great and beneficial move for our area.

  10. Jason commented

    Personally having so much family in the area looking to downsize/retire, I know how hard it is to find accommodation like this for over 55's. The older generation is forced to move out of the area to something more suitable. This is a great move for not only Woolgoolga, but for the whole Coffs Harbour Region.

  11. Anne Boyden commented

    Reading the latest comments I see that my concerns have been interpreted incorrectly. I am concerned about the impact this development in it's present form will have with regards to the increased risk of flooding the Art Gallery and possible flooding downstream in the Sunset Caravan Park and don't believe there has been enough provision made for weather events such as East Coast Lows. I am also concerned about the traffic at the intersection. I have lived here for over twenty years and use the intersection on a daily basis so I am familiar with the current problems affecting it. It is my intention to draw attention to these points of concern in order that they be addressed beforehand rather than having to be fixed up later.

  12. Michael commented

    This is a wonderful and much needed development for Woolgoolga and the Coffs Cosst region. As a former member for ASLARC ( Aged Services Learning and Research Collaboration) there has been a demonstrated need for this type of lifestyle living. This is not aged care but lifestyle living and gives significant social and economic benefits to the area in addition to meeting a gap. We have continued annual growth to the region and need to have the infrastructure and services to meet this need and not fall behind other regional cities. Education and Health are the two largest industry sectors for employment on the Coffs Coast and this type of accommodation option enables a transition option for accomodation for individuals/couples who don’t seek nor require aged care living. I certainly hope the council shows leadership and vision for the future needs of our wonderful city and support the benefits this brings in meeting our needs socially and importantly economically or risk losing even our own locals seeking this living to other regions which can offer it.

  13. Amanda Langlands commented

    Finally! A development that caters for an obvious need in our community. As a local real estate agent of now 17 years I am constantly helping our retirees sell for them only to leave our area. Having to move away from the region they have know their whole life. Away from friends and family simply because other areas have housing that caters for their needs. I applaud the developers for their forward thinking

  14. Stephanie Fuller commented

    I am personally excited for the boom this development will provide to our local community and its residents. We have very limited options for accommodation of this nature and quality for our elderly residents so this will be a welcomed addition.

  15. Jennifer Barnier commented

    Jenny Barnier
    We holidayed here for 3 years before moving here over 30 years ago. I have seen many changes, some good and some bad, all under the name of progress. We came because it was clean, rural and full of friendly people. There is definitely a need for more accommodation in our town, but please, consider height restrictions on the main street to be limited to no more than 2-3 stories. I attended a Council meeting up here and the majority voted on this point, and yet Council went back and allowed certain areas to be 5 stories high on the main street. So majority of people's thoughts were once again ignored. Why bother having meetings if you ignore what was clearly voted against. Sheer greed!

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