6 Addison Avenue Roseville NSW 2069

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0536/18)

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  1. Richard Taylor commented

    1.This property appears to have been constantly added to over the past 15 years. It is now a massive/spreading building structure (thank goodness single storey) that it MUST now exceed Kuringai Councils own regulations about Floor:Space (Land) ratio for a Residential Zoning. The property contains masses of concrete pathways and driveways that would already exceed any desirable Built-Upon-Area ratio that the Town Planners would not approve further roofed areas.
    What is the actual FSR for this zoning, Council maps state 0.3:1 but this property exceeds this already, and exceeds BUArea by at least 5-10%. There is hardly any lawn/landscaped areas.

    2.An additional rainwater tank on the eastern side of house should also be part of the DA as the increase in roof space will create more stormwater racing out to the street/creeks of Middle Harbour. Retaining this water is paramount. A further 5000L rainwater tank is needed if this is to gain approval.

    3.The additions should not be approved as it will further detract from the Heritage Items at the front of the house as the garage at the moment is a respectable distance from the front Heritage Items, but bringing the double garage doors forward will impact the nature/appearance of the Heritage Items.

    4.The additional space created as a "Study" is more than likely going to be used as separate accommodation eg rented out privately. There is no need if this is going to be an internal "study" to have external access with doorways at the front or the side of the house. If this addition is approved, it should only be approved with the deletion of ALL Doorways, and only windows allowed (no egress permitted). The house already has a Front Door!!!. Egress from the double garage to the side path is interesting, but why egress to the side path, it should be only permitted towards the existing front door.
    NO APPROVAL should (in future) be given for any internal alteration such as bathroom/plumbing in this zone or for the closing off of any internal walls (thus creating separate/lettable accommodation)

    5.I note the new garage is going to be built and encroach on a Sydney Water Easement, is this permissible ?? Why were the original additions allowed to be built upon the Water Easement ?

    6.Council Town Planners should reject the front additions/alterations on this DA0536/18 on numerous stated grounds/reasons, not the least exceeding FSR and BUAs for Residential dwelling lots in KRC area. It will set a precedent that KRCouncil will not be able to back down from.
    Neighbours will have ongoing water/flooding issues because of it, especially in this climate changing era. There will be a lot more 1 in a 100 year flood events and the lack of soft areas will cause massive run-off/flooding issues on neighbouring properties/footpaths and roadways.

    7.If this is approved then all future applications in the KRC area will try to exceed FSR and BUA requirements. Water run-off is an extremely important issue. This property should be made to comply with such regulations, and in fact the DA not approved and the applicant if wanting approval for the rear additions should be made to comply with INCREASING the current landscaping and REDUCING the concrete areas/built-upon-areas.

    8.I hope Town Planning Officers have performed a site visit/inspection as this property has more hard/BU areas than stated on the submitted diagrams. Proper measurements need to be confirmed by Council.

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