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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 30-32 Glebe Street Randwick NSW 2031

  1. 23 Gilderthorpe Avenue Randwick NSW 2031
    20 days ago, 580 m away

    Modification of approved development to relocate mechanical services including air conditioning units, garbage and carpark exhausts, hotwater unit to roof and construction new roof hatch. Original consent: Demolition of all structures on site and construction of a new 3 storey residential flat building containing 6 dwellings over a basement car park for 8 vehicles, associated site and landscape work and strata subdivision (variations to building height and floor space ratio controls).

  2. 159 Arden Street Coogee NSW 2034
    20 days ago, 1.1 km away

    Modification of approved development by internal changes to connect storage rooms to units 1 and 3, enclosure of first floor western terrace to convert to bedroom and bathroom for unit 6, relocation of front door and change of bathroom to study for unit 6. Original consent: Alterations and additions to the existing residential flat building including new rear and upper floor additions to create a total of 6 dwellings (1 x 2 bedroom, 5 x 3 bedroom), 8 car spaces and solar panels on roof (Variation to floor space ratio control).

  3. 230 Coogee Bay Road Coogee NSW 2034
    17 days ago, 1.2 km away

    Alterations and additions to the existing mixed-use building to replace the lower ground level portion of commercial floor space with residential floor space including upgrade works to existing building, internal reconfiguration works, replace enclosed sunrooms with private open spaces/balconies, new entry foyer and lift, reconfigurations to Apartments 3, 5 and 7 and new external finishes to building. (Variations to Height of Building and floor space ratio controls).

  4. 9 Jane Street Randwick NSW 2031
    20 days ago, 1.6 km away

    Modification of approved Development by changes to some windows, addition of skylights, relocation of swimming pool and construction of outbuilding to rear to allow for 2 carpark spaces, relocation of shed, and internal changes. Original Consent: Ground level alterations and additions to existing dwelling, swimming pool with decking and outbuilding to rear, increase size of carpark area to front to double space, landscaping and associated works (Heritage Conservation Area).

  5. 30 Botany Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022
    29 days ago, 1.9 km away

    Remove one (1) Liquid amber located on side of property. This tree is unsuitable & unsustainable in their location. There is insufficient space for it to flourish and mature in good health and vigour. As they continue to grow they will cause ongoing damages to the boundary enclosure. There is evidence of included bark between the two main leaders meaning the junction looks like a “V” rather than a “U.” As the tree grows the narrow union will essentially fill with bark and create a growing area of structural weakness in the tree.It is likely that stress put on the either of the co-dominant stems can cause splitting, or even cause the stem to break off at the junction. As a tree ages and grows, included bark becomes more of a danger to surrounding trees and to the property.

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