24 & 26 Lower Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe, VIC

Development of an apartment building in the GRZ and DDO12, removal of vegetation and alter access to a road in a Road Zone - Category 1

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Banyule City Council, reference P791/2018)


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  1. Cheryl Daye commented

    This development is NOT in keeping with existing neighbourhood character. It is massively out of scale with the nature of the suburb, and would change the look and feel of the area irrevocably.
    In my view, over-development such as that proposed in this application should be firmly discouraged.

  2. Helen Mav commented

    The proposed development at 24-26 Lower Heidleberg Rd is out of character for the area. It is a massive structure of horizontal bulk that runs around 60m in width across two blocks. It appears as 5 levels when viewed from opposite and in some areas exceeds the allowed 3 storeys. It's mass and bulk both verticle and horizontal is not fitting of its environment. The building has no breaks or articulation on any side which makes it monotonous and overly reflective as it is one massive glass structure. It grows as you look at it in the way it is built into the slope instead of being harmonised into its environment, it leaps out and spoils the beauty of this grreen belt.
    Rear setacks have been ignored and the massive 60+m wide tructure with its lavish balconies and glass facade will overlook into private backyards spaces of residents on Latham St and the homes next to it. Parking is not sufficient for residents who will put more pressure on parking in surrounding streets. This appartment block is in a residential part of Ivanhoe that is an entry into the unique fairy hills, this is not a commercial zone that such a monstocity could live on, it is not upper heidleberg rd, it does not back onto a train line or car park as other large developments in the area do...it backs into peoples back yards. What we do here sets the precident for this part of Ivanhoe and Fairy Hills so lets get it right. Imagine what extra traffic this 57 appartment complex will introduce and the pressure on our schools. Drop off and pick ups at Ivanhoe Grammar will become even more of a hazard. Please stop this disrespectful development!

  3. Julianne Randles simpson commented

    The developer has insulted the residents and council alike with their monstrous proposal that is in no way keeping with the unique character of the gateway to IVANHOE. The proposed structures mass , height, set backs, and overall appearance is unacceptable. It straddles the two house blocks from one boundary to the other right up against the rear boundary overlooking the residents of Latham st . It could be described as a cruse ship sitting across the entire spance of the land at the rear height spot with the occupants viewing the properties to the south.
    It is the first proposal on the south side of Lower Heidelberg Rd with will set the precedence for the future of the previous and well known Fairy Hills precent. It will change the character of IVANHOE for ever .therebwill be no going back.

  4. Patricia, Christine & Buddy Lane commented

    The contempary designed very large scale multi-level apartment building is not consistent with the surrounding neighbourhoods character. The proposed development only supports the sole interests of the developer.
    We request that Banyule City Council refuses this planning application.

  5. Pat Brady commented

    56 units, 4 storeys plus underground carpark, what a wonderful addition to Ivanhoe. It is high density living and high volume car movements every day.
    The neighbours either side and to the rear of the property are very lucky to be able to share their lives with a variety of strangers and if Airbnb manages to provide guests for some of the 56 units over weekends I'm sure the neighbours will not only be delighted their quality of life and the amenity of Ivanhoe will be further enhanced.
    The size of the building is neither in keeping with the locality nor the amenity of the area.
    It will contribute to high traffic movements in an area where children are present on many days of the year. For neighbouring properties it is simply going to be the eyesore as it will take a persons eye every time you look in its direction.
    It is simply a money making venture intended to bastardise a very pleasant and attractive area for the financial benefit of a few. Despite what the consultants are saying to Banyule Council the sheer size, height and amount of land covered by the building precludes it complimenting the locale nor will it contribute to the livability of Ivanhoe or the people who live and enjoy the suburb.
    I ask Council to reject the plans as they are at present and suggest something more conservative and complimentary to Ivanhoe and the immediate area. This may be difficult for Council as it sees 56 rateable properties replacing the current two.

  6. Susan Buckton commented

    I was very disappointed to walk past these two homes and see the signage for this development.

    This is completely inappropriate. Why are we not protecting more heritage houses in Ivanhoe to keep the character of the area?

    We don’t need another oversized apartment building with limited car parking and garden areas.

  7. Emily Wright commented

    The proposed development at 24-26 Lower Heidelberg Road is completely out of character with the area, and will detract from the lifestyle that is Ivanhoe.

    Main issues include:
    -separation distances with existing properties requested under offsets are unacceptable, and there will be towering over existing backyards invading privacy and conpromising the skyline
    - monotonous design is an eyesore and not in character with the Ivanhoe facade
    - proposed section at the top for air conditioner units will generate noise pollution and be an eyesore.
    - proposal to move the bus stop is concerning. It currently serves the school and community well having been placed logically for a reason and this should not be compromised, particularly mixing traffic and school children, for the sole benefit of a developer.
    - the increased traffic load (50 apartments v 2 dwellings) will adversely impact traffic flow, particularly given its proximity to Ivanhoe Grammar School. This could also have dangerous consequences mixing student foot traffic with new excessive residential traffic

  8. Georgina Spring commented

    The mass, over development height and lack of set backs of the proposal is not in keeping with the delicate character of this precious area of Ivanhoe. This proposal is an attempt by the developer to maximise their return on this precious land holding. The green Avenue being the gateway to IVANHOE would be undermined by this huge proposal. The residents of the area have not been considered.

    This proposal is the first significant one on the south side of lower Heidelberg Rd and will form the base for future proposals along LHR.

    The proposal of course should be rejected in its entirety.

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