49 The Esplanade , Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Subdivision Strata Into 59 Lots

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2018.00055654.001 )


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  1. Rosemary Marr commented

    My god, 59 lots. Now that we've already lost most of the parking near Ettalong shops I rarely go there even though I live in Ettalong. 59 units is oversized by at least 100%. The relaxed coastal feel of Ettalong will disappear with this type of construction.

  2. Dani commented

    This is very sad for the local community.

    The council needs to address the local community on the peninsula and justify its unfetted approach to development in the area. How many residents guienley support this kind of ongoing out of control over-development?

    Other beachside locations on the coast do not have this type of development. There is no infrastructure to support this ongoing development of Ettalong - Ocean Beach - Umina. 59 more units in area with no parking, small narrow roads, small houses.This type of development is going to very quickly result in the same problems that are now occurring in Hornsby and once the value, heritage-status, amenity, and charm of an area is lost it can not be recovered.

    The peninsula is a beautiful local community with unique heritage in the region and the community has strong connections to this area, this shouldn’t be undervalued. The tree-scales, land-scapes, and heritage of the area should be protected from ill-considered, solely profit driven, rapid over development.

    The council needs to face the community and justify why it’s not sufficiently supporting the protection and value of peninsula.

  3. richard braddish commented

    i think this development has turned out fabulous and it’s a great contribution to the town centre. hopefully it’s the first of many to enhance the growing town and activate the streetscape

  4. Vicki Hill commented

    Yesterday, I took to the streets of Ettalong Beach with my pen & clipboard, doorknocking to get a feel from residents about the development going on in their area.

    I was overwhelmed by the response. Building multi-storey units threatens the unassuming charm of this area. Unlike Umina and Woy Woy, Ettalong Beach has a relaxed, friendly "village" feel. Once it's gone, it can never be replaced
    Overdevelopment is not just happening on the waterfront, but also on the back streets.
    We have three on our street alone (Warrah) where they plan to build 3 double storey units on each undersized block. They are #2, 19 and 32 (next door to us).

    All the people I spoke to were very passionate about the overdevelopment. Many, many residents want a community meeting with council. They want to be consulted and to be heard. Local politicians please take note.

  5. Karen Smith commented

    The character of Ettalong is being irreversibly changed by the rapid density change. I think residents have an expectation that development be paced and managed so as to retain the character of the suburb. This development should be reconsidered on the basis of this.
    Another concern is that roads, parking, schools etc are insufficient to cope with the large increases in population.
    As it is now Blackwall Rd is a carpark each day at peak times.
    Please consider the congestion issues too.

  6. Rosemarie Smith commented

    Council really needs to seriously look at some of these big developments. The whole of the peninsula is lacking basic facilities such as footpaths, gutters and roads full of potholes. Traffic is already congested and at a standstill morning and afternoons along Blackwall Rd and Ocean Beach Rd. The area is being destroyed by over development.
    Please look at the whole of the peninsula and seek community feedback.

  7. Nathan Obrien commented

    Council needs to stop over development on the peninsula right now. The traffic is already too congested, the roads are a joke and parking is really difficult. Council please stop ruining the peninsula.

  8. Janice McDougall commented

    I am so disappointed to see another monstrous development going to council. Councillors you are ruining everything about the peninsula the beautiful lifestyle everyone loves and has loved for years The roads are shockingly packed with traffic and parking is almost gone. Storm water and flooding in our streets when it rains happens all the time. Councillors stop all these developers ruing everything. Residents are really getting angry with you now which is so awful to see.

  9. Emily Morgan commented

    I agree that the over development has the very real potential to destroy the area, if it hasn't already happened.

    The Peninsula was a laid-back beach community of single story dwellings and a real sense of community. I shop in Ettalong Beach to support the small businesses there. Lining the waterfront with high rise buildings is truly ruining the village feel that is already gone from Umina.

    The councillors should be looking at the required infrastructure for the area, not over developing the area and destroying the community.

  10. Lesley Harvey commented

    I read on Council's website their designation of cities, towns and village classifications, the latter applies to the Peninsula (except for Woy Woy being a town).
    The proposal to squeeze 59 units in behind the new flats next to Diggers must be refused by Councillors and CCC's planners on the basis of insufficient access, crowding the streets and as just a bad idea. Keep the big developments close to railways (as per State Government's maximum density policy - think Asquith) and leave our villages low scale.
    Council should be focusing on improving our existing amenity by promoting tree/garden preservation and re-planting and treat greening as an asset not a trip hazard!
    The Peninsula, with Warnervale, is now the hottest area on the Central Coast. Why? In-fill housing (villas and granny flats) has slowly brought down mature trees by the thousand. The increase of more roofs, concrete drive ways and tin fencing all adds to the reflected heat. Open Google Maps and compare Umina/Ettalong/Booker Bay with Pearl Beach or McMasters.
    Council, say NO to density quotas from Government.

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