, Sandon Point,

Sandon Point Residential Development - Amendments to Anglicare (ARV) lands to reduce the number of Independent Living Units developed on the site and introduction of standard residential accommodation. Potential amendments to the number of beds provided in the Residential Aged Care Facility located within the central precinct and the layout of the independent living unit buildings so as to better comply with the Apartment Design Guidelines.

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  1. Don Humphreys commented

    I object to the proposed Anglicare overdevelopment of the Sandon Point site on the following grounds:

    - the Turpentine Forest at this site must be preserved
    - the current local infrastructure is incapable of supporting this development
    - there is only one access road through Thirroul, which is already overburdened
    - the South Coast rail line is inadequate due to timetable changes and parking around Thirroul station is a huge problem. The development will only add to this problem.

  2. Shayne Green commented

    Why must we continually allow the very things that bring us to the area to be destroyed for commercial gain?
    Leave the trees there. Let us continue, everyone continue, residents and visitors alike, to walk, ride, skate, perambulate with this wonderful vista that will never be regained once lost.
    Unbelievable that goverment allows it's citizens to be last priority. Again. And again.
    Buildings can be built anywhere, but you can only have the view and smell and sensation of the coastline.... on the coastline.
    Stop it, you're killing us. Is this the Illawarra and Australia you want for your kids?

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