544-546 Box Road Jannali NSW 2226

Change of use of unit 7 from a chemist to a bar with fit-out

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference DA18/1331)


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  1. Ryan broom commented

    Support. Jannali needs more night life!

  2. Pam Buckle commented

    I support this too! And it's a great spot for it.

  3. Stephen Davies commented

    I also support this. Perfect spot for a much-needed small bar in Janalli.

  4. Mary Mead commented

    When you scroll down you find that the application was rejected by Council on the day that it was lodged i.e. Nov. 14th 2018.

  5. George commented

    No we don’t need more places like this, there is already pub that is operating til 12am. Places like this will only encourage more doosh bags, who will bring trouble to the area.

  6. Damien commented

    Notwistanding the status of this particular DA, Jannali is very much in need of revitalisation. It is looking forlorn with at least 8 empty shops, and several of those remaining in a very poor state. We as a community should be supportive of reasonably balanced proposals that can help kick-start investment and the bringing of life to this village. Have we no aspiration? Rejection of investment and life will lead to further dilapidation, tumbleweeds, and entrenchment as the domain of housing commission & "doosh" bags - which (save for a few exceptions) seems to be Jannali's general direction of the past decade. No thanks.

  7. Lisa TILLEY commented

    This is a great step in the right direction. Council really needs to focus on improving Jannali shops. They are so rundown, empty or neglected. The renovation work on the corner has been allowed to drag on too long and looks terrible.

  8. Rebecca Monckton commented

    Jannali is crying out for development like this. It's frustrating to see so many small shops in Jannali closing and so much lost opportunity for commercial businesses as well as the residents. Jannali has a good layout to create a village feel and this spot would make a great small bar so why was it rejected? There seems to be a very narrow view of development in this Shire that bigger is better - and all in one or two select locations and forget everywhere else. I haven't seen any strategic planning initiatives in the Jannali area that focus on improving the area other than adding some high-rise units and a bistro to the new Union Place Development. With a few relatively minor changes to traffic flow around the railway bridge and shops you could create some really functional community and commercial space. If the application has been rejected I hope that it will be amended, resubmitted, and approved.

  9. Mary Mead commented

    The renovation or whatever it is to the shop on the corner prev. the Coffee Box is an eyesore - bunches of wires hanging down and windows covered in fading newspaper does nothing for Jannali Village..
    It is one of the first things that you see when you arrive by train from the City at Jannali.

  10. Richard Holloway commented

    I take objection to Georges' comments that this development will be attended by doosh bags. Im over 60 and like this sought of place and I am definitely not a doosh bag. Development of Jannali is a great idea. You know maybe it will attract other developments to lift Jannali and fill the vacant shops.

  11. David Corry commented

    I agree with Rebecca Monkton

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