28 Waterloo Street Rozelle NSW 2039

Demolition of the existing structures. Tree removal.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Leichhardt), reference D/2018/583)


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  1. Jane Vaughan commented

    Application for driveway takes away 2 parking spaces in the street when parking is already at a premium and the additional residences planned for the future with the Tigers site is only going to make parking more difficult

  2. Jan Cuke commented

    The application for the driveway will take away two parking spaces which will limit already very limited parking spaces in waterloo street. This needs to be carefully considered as parking in the whole of this part of rozelle is already stressed.

  3. Juliet Sheen commented

    The application for the driveway takes away 2 parking spaces from a street which has very limited parking for residents and their visitors. I am also concerned that the driveway on the application appears to slope across the footpath in a way makes pedestrian passage up and down the street obstructive to prams and anyone of uncertain footing like myself with a walking stick. Unevenness is the characteristic of footpaths in this area, but a sideways tilt on and off a driveway should absolutely be minimised to prevent pedestrian falls.

  4. Alan Moffatt commented

    I live next door to the site and there is already an issue with a shortage of parking spaces for the local residents and losing another 2 parking spaces in the street will make parking even harder and council should support the local residents by not allocating any more private parking to local residents

  5. Rachael Blackwell commented

    Losing the parking spaces would be a major blow to local residents who are already struggling to find a place to park due to the high volume of visitors to the area. It would also remove two much needed spaces that currently cater for high turnover of local shoppers on a daily basis, particularly on a weekend. The existing footpath is on a downhill slope and is already very uneven due to protruding tree roots. The new driveway will exacerbate this problem, making the footpath even more hazardous for young children and the elderly.

  6. Felicia Finlayson commented

    Assessment of asbestos content and correct removal is of high priority. The future plans are totally out of character to the existing fine grain residential dwellings on Waterloo. Removal of two car parking spaces on this street is of concern.

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