1411 Peats Ridge Road, Peats Ridge NSW 2250


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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2018.00055491.001 )


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  1. Christina Kelly commented

    The environmental impact and damage posed by the expansion of the chicken sheds within the area is highly concerning. There are proven health and environmental risks which are extremely concerning for residents.

  2. Shannon Fitzgerald commented

    I am a regular visitor to the beautiful area of Peats Ridge. The Chicken farms reek, creating a vast catchment of poluted air. The smell makes me question the safety of the air I breathe when visiting. I am shocked and appalled by the flaccid government bending to corporate interests whilst forsaking that of their constituents and visitors.

  3. Helen Nicholas commented

    I have had the pleasure of regularly visiting & staying in the area of Peats Ridge . It is a naturally pristine environment & an attractive destination to those who live on the central coast & Sydney. The allowance of rapid expansion of factory farming by the Central Coast Council in the area displays an utter disregard to residents & visitors who should be able to rely on the Council to protect their constituents & the environment before big business. It begs the question as to where the Councils allegiances lie... do the right thing Central Coast Council (Gosford) don’t put profit before your costituents.

  4. Andrew Nicholas commented

    This proposed development is massive. Over 1 million birds per year! the area is already saturated with chicken "farms' with the associated stench, dust and huge B doubles racing each other all to the detriment of others. It's now unpleasant to visit this once peaceful, pleasant area has become a nightmmare for residents and tourist alike. There are already too many of these factories which belong on poorer quality land away from less invasive farming and those who want to enjoy a rural ambient quality of life.

  5. Chrissi Nicholas commented

    I can't believe there's another massive development in the pipeline. This time the applicant has anticipated the obvious objections and drummed up friends and associates to support them. So apparently more stench, dust and massive speeding trucks is what we can expect. So often when driving past Peats Ridge School the stench is disgusting. One wonders hoe the poor children and teachers cope with it. People at the nearest receptors have proven respiratory illnesses directly caused by poultry dust.
    This self regulated industry is out of control.

  6. Suzanne Fletcher commented

    I visit and stay with my friends on the mountain and they have 2 chicken farms in sight of their property.The smell from from airbourne dust being airborne pollutants is unbearable and we are often forced to go indoors. There are neighbours who are seriously ill due to the chicken dust and they have medical certificates to support their claim. I strongly object to this intensive industrial sizeed poultry growing facility. The number of trucks that will be generated is too awful to contemplate. I come up from Sydney and the number of trucks now make the road unnerving and dangerous.

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