596 King Street Erskineville NSW 2043

Alterations and additions to existing mixed use building including a new restaurant with associated fitout to the ground floor and rear courtyard and three residential units to the levels above. Proposed hours of operation to the restaurant are 7.00am to 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday with 86 patrons. Tree to front yard proposed to be removed.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2018/782)


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  1. Nicolas Francois commented

    I object to the removal of the tree in the front yard (acacia elata). This magnificent tree participates to the amenities and enjoyment in the area and provides valuable shade and mitigation to excess heat in the street.
    The recommendation of planting a new tree at the back of the site cannot be considered as acceptable compensatory replacement as it will not deliver any of the benefits the current tree is providing. Any acceptable replacement should be placed at the front of the property and development proposal of the front courtyard should be modified to integrate this replacement.

  2. Anna Keohan commented

    I object to the removal of a tree at the front of the property. The proposal can be modified to include the tree in the design. Unnecessary removal of trees should be avoided as much as possible, as they add shade, shelter, habitat, air filtering, carbon sequestering, alleviate heat island effect, and contribute visual appeal to the streetscape (and increase property values.) King St has few opportunities to include trees at frontages and any existing trees should be protected for the amenity of people, wildlife and the environment.

  3. Anita Sibrits commented

    I object to the tree’s removal as an unnecessary degradation in the street’s amenity. We should be collectively protecting and promoting plantings to the benefit of all using and passing our area. If the particular tree cannot be retained for valid reasons, then a suitable replacement tree in the front garden is the logical alternative; the space is accommodatingly large. Denuding the front would be a short sighted individually advantageous course with long term broad detriment.

  4. Ben Jackson commented

    I hate that tree

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