50-58 Evans Street Rozelle NSW 2039

Conversion of existing hardware store into 3 x 2 storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Leichhardt), reference D/2018/541)


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  1. Ingrid Tkatchew commented

    As a resident for over 26years I value the varied buildings unique to this area, it is an absolute shame to see the mix of commercial and residential change so dramatically in the last few years with pubs, warehouses, local community halls being converted to residential. How is possible for a commercial building now to be zoned residential? I strongly oppose this oversized redevelopment, we are losing the working essence of Balmain with too many residential developments being approved on small parcels of land with no consideration to parking or added community congestion. Not to mention the loss of a great local family business!

  2. Keith Goodman commented

    I am not necessarily for or against this development but I would like to express this observation as a resident of 20 years: This development will lead to NO hardware shops in Balmain/Rozelle forcing residents and trademan to either shop online or travel by car or public transport to Glebe, Haberfield or Alexanderia for hardware supplies. NB: Council, rightly or wrongly, blocked the Bunnings development in Mullens st White Bay which is now in the Land & Environment court for review. If council approves this development but rejects the Bunnings development forcing residents and tradesman into cars or public transport to purchase hardware supplies doesn't this go against Councils Environmental and sustainable city policies? This also suggests that council does not really have an over arching planning strategy based on percentage of residential, commercial and open space zoning that comes under its duristriction but rather reviews each development application on a piece by piece process?

  3. Matilda Lawless commented

    This particular hardware store has been a local family-owned business for thirty years. It is the only hardware store in the area and it would be an incredible loss to the community for it to be converted - especially when the area is already so congested with traffic from so many residents. There is a need for what it is currently, and only a GREED for what it is proposed to be turned into.

  4. Peter Lawless commented

    I have seen the peninsular go from a mix of working class and artisans to 'well to do' addresses. Commensurate with that change has come the loss of working factories, and foundries, to more consumer based businesses like petrol garages (two), and most recently the Balmain hardware (the second of two to go). Rozelle Hardware serves a valuable connection with the heritage of the suburb as being previously a working environment. It is still a working environment that serves a valuable broad spectrum service. In considering the overall mix of what makes a suburb attractive, both heritage and service should be considered to balance further residential pressure.
    I ask this be taken into account with your zoning determination.

  5. Robert Browning commented

    I strongly object to further development and the loss of amenities and services for local people. As others have stated the hardware store opposite the police station has closed and this closure and redevelopment does nothing for the local community other than line the pockets of developers. There is also heavy existing pressure on parking and this development will further exacerbate the situation in Evans Street. There needs to be a better balance of residential and commercial in Rozelle. This DA does not support that.

  6. Sunil Badami commented

    I'm not against development but I can't see how more, denser development in a peninsula with very narrow streets and roads and already limited parking can sustain even more residents and dwellings. If the Hardware Store goes there will be no hardware shop in the local area, and it will further diminish the variety of shops and mix of buildings in the area. Do we really want more expensive hobby-shops selling overpriced clothing or exorbitant restaurants only catering to the well-heeled residents of these developments? And how will Evans Street cope with construction traffic from this development, along with WestConnex construction, given that it is one of only 3-4 major exit points for the peninsula? It is sad that the only development ever considered is for self-contained, often exclusionary flats or other residential developments with high walls and closed balconies that do not allow for interaction with the community, thereby destroying the very village atmosphere that has made Rozelle and Balmain so special. Furthermore, how will any development keep with the heritage nature of the surrounding street, and not overwhelm it?

  7. Ben Rushton commented

    Not long ago there were 4 (hardware stores on the Balmain Peninsular), soon to be none. Increase density and decrease diversity. How's that good town planning?

  8. Ray Stevens (Architect) commented

    Council's role in assessing applications like this falls back to the provisions of the LEP that allows such development. It is not Council's role to dictate to owners of property what they are to use their land for if it complies to the Zoning uses in the LEP. The site is zoned residential but there is existing use rights as commercial. Council have in the past followed a strong policy in protecting industrial uses from the many developers that want to develop industrial zoned land which provides employment opportunities to residential areas and protects the services providers such as suppliers, car repairers etc that we all use...... and rightly so.

    However Council has neglected to protect commercial spaces like this one and there is a strong push to convert such buildings away from commercial uses which also provides employment opportunities. This is occurring also in the commercial high streets of the municipality as well as in the residential areas. These sites should have been zoned industrial or commercial years ago even when nestled in residential areas but Council neglected to do so. By not doing Council have flagged the desired long term use is residential use not their historic uses. This is planning failure in my view and could have been foreseen when the LEP 2000 was framed and the multiple updates to it. I brought this issue to Council's attention at the time but to no avail. This should be addressed in the upcoming review of all planning instruments for the IWC I would argue.

    In regard to this application being the demise of the last hardware shop on the peninsula, I would suggest all those that are worried about this should have supported the Bunnings proposal, but how many did? Some of the objectors here also objected to the Bunnings proposal. This makes no logical sense to me. The Bunnings site has been unoccupied or undersized for twenty years and is an appropriate use in an industrial area for a larger more competitive hardware store.

    In regard to parking and traffic, the intensity of use for 50 Evans Street as residential will be far less than it is currently. The design is a sensitive adaptation of an industrial building. There is very little change to the building fabric externally and its industrial character and contribution to the Conservation Area and the history of Balmain which we all appreciate, will remain. I support the proposal overall but like those that don't want to get in the car and drive 20 minutes to another suburb to buy a bag of screws have some remorse.

    However, this situation is of our own and Council's making. The pre-DA was being assessed for the conversion of 50 Evans Street to residential at the same time as Bunnings was being assessed. This is the short coming in Council's processing, each application is done in a silo, deliberately!! As a community are we so dumb we can't join dots together!!! I fear so......

    So my objection is not so much to this application but a very strong objection and condemnation of Council's opposition to the Bunnings proposal that is in the Land & Environment Court.

  9. Grant Crowle commented

    To Ray Stevens , as the Owner of the Hardware Store, but not the site , we are not planning on closing but relocating. Are you working for Bunnings or Jeremy of Chippendale Restorations that own the Bunnings proposed site? There has been several proposal for that site and many offers to rent it , all with far less intensive uses than a Bunnings Retail store , yet the owner seems to pursuing the option that places the biggest burden on the local residents and traffic in the area. Jeremy has an approved DA for the site that he has not built.
    We are a competitive Hardware and Timber business and are actively looking for new premises if the DA for our site is approved .
    Ray you make many valuable points though in councils disregard for zoning changes that affect for many local business , causing them to be forced out of the area , affecting employment zones the High St, and diversity in general.

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