1084 Botany Rd, Botany 2019 NSW

Section 4.55(1A): Modification of the stormwater management design which includes the deletion of the OSD Tank.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Botany Bay), reference 10.2012.226.3)


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  1. Mark commented

    How can the developer be allowed to not install an Onsite Detention Tank (OSD) when Botany road floods. The additional removal of much of the natural landscape and replacement of hard surfaces with this large development means there is now nowhere for rainwater to collect. Hence an increase in the volume and speed of stormwater run-off, which would dramatically increase the risk of flooding on Botany road and surrounds. This area has heavy traffic use and pedestrians including children, thus increasing risks to the general public. The OSD system should be equipped to store run-off caused by a storm event of up to 100 year ARI for the site, as well as control the rate of discharge to ensure the system can handle the additional run-off. Surely Bayside Council will not approve this modification due to it being required for flood safety prevention.

  2. Robert commented

    Using the current Stormwater technical guidelines this large development should have a substantial onsite Stormwater detention system “OSD”. The engineer stating that “RMS doesn’t require osd per the email” means nothing, since it’s a bayside council policy that requires any increase in roof of 30m2 to include a proportional osd system. Allowing this development in its current form sets a poor precedent of not abiding by the current policy

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