106 Wilson St, Botany 2019 NSW

Demolition of existing structures and construction of three (3) storey mixed-use development comprising four (4) residential and one (1) commercial units and two (2) car parking spaces.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Botany Bay), reference 10.2018.1172.1)


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  1. Vanessa commented

    A 3 story building in that position would be out of place with its surroundings. Should be limited to 2.

  2. Richard commented

    3 stories is too high for this area as it will look out of place. There are no properties over 2 stories in this vicinity. Also, 2 car spaces is not adequate for the size of the development, adding further parking issues for street parking

  3. Mark commented

    As a local resident I oppose this request of a 3 story development, all other properties are 2 story, typical greedy developer trying to over develop. Parking should be appropriate to cover residents and commercial space, so 2 spaces is COMPLETELY inadequate for the current development design.

  4. Brendan Wilson commented

    As a resident of Wilson st, I find that this development is oversized for the immediate neighbourhood. There are no developments nearby that are three stories.
    Also, in an suburb that is struggling with parking after numerous high density developments, 2 car spots for 3 residences and 1 commercial space is grossly inadequate.

  5. Andrew Low commented


    2 main issues - Parking, only 2 spots for 5 units? Will need at least a minimum of 5 parking spot.
    Building also oversized for the area.

  6. Dennis Hourn commented

    Isn't the site 285 square metres with a floor space ratio of 1.5. It would seem Prima facie to be an over development of a small site with inadequate parking. I don't live in the vicinity but drive there often and can't recall seeing any three storey developments. Parking will be a serious issue.

  7. Aaron Poon commented

    I strongly object.
    Such a small block of 284m2 and you allow a 3 storey 4 residential, 1 commercial but with only 2 car parking spaces. This is definitely over-development and you are forcing cars to park on the street. I don't object redevelopment but the land should be bigger and should provide enough parking. Please don't ruin the beauty of Botany.

  8. Max Collins commented

    About time this area was rejuvenated. Why isn't this area a small boutique shopping district. The handful of comments don't reflect the real locals needs for the area. This intersection was always buzzing from the 1930's on. Should be going as high as they can, there is 6 storey plus off Wilson Street.

  9. Emma Gibson commented

    Only 2 car spaces? - well done council - more cars on the streets

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