295 Hamilton Highway, Fyansford, VIC

Use and Development of part of the land for Motor Racing Track (Motorcycles)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 1122/2017)


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  1. John Dixon commented

    Mr Mayor
    I support this application. We really need a good facility for off road riding in Geelong.
    It's been too long a neglected area of recreation, since the forced closure of both Breakwater and Barrabool.
    Your support will be appreciated by many riders and their families.
    John Dixon, Resident and Ratepayer.

  2. Jackie Dean commented

    Mr Mayor
    I 100% support this application. Geelong would benefit hugely from a facility like this, especially for the younger generation. I believe the location has been chosen well with none to very little impact for others in the community nearby and can see no reason to object.
    Please allow this application.

  3. Zoe Fenske commented

    I'd love to see a facility like this in geelong and it's the perfect location for it

  4. Jim van Sluys commented

    Geelong really needs a place for young and older motorcyclists to ride thier dirt bikes ! Fully support this venue ! Since the loss of the Barrabool track... no where suitable has been approved.. time to make good on a new venue !!

  5. Steve Gundry commented

    Its about time we riders got a track that was promised to us after it was stolen from us at Barrabool. Barabool was one of Australia's oldest MX tracks and was apart of sooo many riders going onto bigger and better things .The least the authorities can do is give us somewhere to ride.I often see kids on dirt bikes riding illegally around the streets of Geelong and its at epidemic proportions .Just get on with it so we can go riding legally .

  6. Ann-Maree Slevin commented

    Fully support this facility for a track in Geelong. Young and older riders need a safe place to ride.

  7. Kim Stapleton commented

    This application has my full support!! Geelong has been in need of a facility like this since the forced closure of the Breakwater and Barrabool tracks! The community would benefit greatly from this going ahead!!

  8. James Dyson commented

    I 100% Support a motorcycle track to be built in Geelong so as we can teach younger generation the correct way to handle a motorcycle.

  9. Jayden Shore commented

    Yes please ! This is a great location for it ! This would be highly beneficial for riders of all ages to enjoy as there has been no place for such events . Thankyou

  10. Wayne Laney commented

    I Support a new facility but not this proposed location. Bikes already use this track and they can be heard very clearly over and above the ring road noise in the adjacent housing estate on weekends. It seems strange to move from the old facility closer to high density housing. I hope a suitable spot is found soon out of town for locals to use.

  11. Josh King commented

    The proposed location is well considered and very appropriate.
    The social and economic benefits of this facility are much needed and will bring long term benefit to the community. Well done for this application.

  12. Theresa Tigani commented

    I agree that Geelong requires road bike facility, though the location is not suitable due to the amount of noise it will generate for the local residents. Bike riders already ride around the location and the noise can be clearly heard in the housing estate over the opposite side of the ring road.

    100% against this application purely as a resident that will be impacted by the noise level.

  13. Kelwin Baensch commented

    Geelong one of the biggest moto cycling towns their is ,,, yet we have had all our tracks and clubs taken from us I’m 100% keen as to support our sport it’s just down right crazy we have nothing and wonder why kids are riding around on the streets give them somewhere to go!!

  14. John Wood commented

    Fully support the need for a Motocross track in the Geelong region, but not anywhere so close to a housing estate. The sound mapping has the noise levels at 70dB surrounding the track and still at 65 dB when it reaches the nearest residents. Yes the Motocrossers need a track but surely not at the expense of hundreds of residents whose relative outdoor tranquility will be significantly compromised on any of the 57 days of the year that it is currently proposed to be used. The argument that the local residents already have the noise of the ringroad so it won't matter is a complete furphy as the higher-pitched, up and roar of motorbike engines is far, far more invasive than the dull drone of passing cars or even trucks when bikes are currently ridden on that side of the freeway. It is completely unfair that the pleasure of one group of people comes at the significant expense of another group.

  15. Craig dack commented

    My Is Craig Dack, I own and run Yamaha Motor Australia’s official Yamaha MX and SX race team and is the countries longest running ( 26 years ) and most successfully race team ever in Australia.
    I was a professional racer representing Australia 7 times at the annual Motocross Des Nations, 4 x Mr Motocross and won 8 National Championships.
    I support this new proposal for a Motocross venue with massive enthusiasm. At many levels this needs to happen. From a grass roots level we need this facility so new and current Motocross riders have a place to go which is certified and is a controlled environment. Also this venue has all the positive angles to have a first class National event there in the future which will be a huge asset to the region.
    I personal know the family involved and they are of extremely good and honest character with a huge amount of passion for this great and professional sport of Motocross.
    I am a resident in the region and will do anything I can’t to help, promote, advise and be available for anything I can’t do to assist.
    We need this to happen please ...

    Kind Regards
    Craig Dack

  16. Hugh Lewis commented

    Full support to this application. The local Geelong community is in desperate need of a motocross facility to bring back the family orietated club which has been left without a home for too long.

  17. Alisia Pettina commented

    Highly support this new track and it’s
    location as I have a young son who loves his bike it’s about time we see a new track open up in Geelong to keep young ones safe

  18. chris chalmers commented

    Fully support this application. Sport and tourism is something Geelong really needs after losing some big industry. I am a local resident of the area and will do anything to promote and support this track opening. We see young kids riding around paddocks and they need a place to go.
    Motorcross is a family sport and having this track would be beneficial for locals and open up Geelong for major events.

  19. Michelle Harris commented

    Fully support this application, great for the local riding clubs

  20. Codie Turner commented

    Fully support this application!
    Geelong needs it’s own club again to call home!
    Such a family orientated sport aswell, should have just as much support as other community sports!

  21. Tyler Armstrong commented

    100% support this application geelong needs a safe place for kids and adults to ride there bikes.

  22. Ashlee Armstrong commented

    I support this application. It’s been too long since there was somewhere close for riders and their families to go to.

  23. Dylan Lewis commented

    110% support this application!!

  24. Dave maher commented

    I totally support the plan to build Geelong a motor cross track it’s about time and will get kids of the street and would great for the community and Geelong itself

  25. Byron Gallagher commented

    Dear Mr.Mayor,
    Motorcycling has been a large part of my life growing up where we could safely ride in open paddocks with support from neighbours and locals. With the change in times, mass development of land and the change in young persons perception and interest in recreation, I strongly support the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful development supportive of off road motorcycle enthusiasts, especially our kids.
    I am a professional motorcycle coach and assessor and have two (2) young children and unequivocally back a decision to go ahead with this project.
    I pledge my support through investment of volunteer time in helping establish, maintain and operate this site.
    Thank you very much for your consideration and hopefully. Support and approval.
    And yes, I am happy to relocate any rogue frogs to a happier home.
    Byron Gallagher

  26. Andrew McGinley commented

    As a former junior and senior Motocross rider born and bred in Geelong, I had learnt to ride at Breakwater as a junior.. Progressing to senior Motocross,Barrabool was my home track.. Now both gone , I have nowhere to ride in Geelong and have nowhere to teach my kids and grandkids to ride in our home town ( disappointing)... I fully support this planning application to go ahead...

  27. Harry Gow commented

    I 100% support this plan, this opportunity would be amazing for Geelong it is a great tool to promote motocross and most importantly in a safe environment. We need somewhere to ride in Geelong and this is the answer ! Please approve this plan

  28. Mark West commented

    Off road Motorcyclist in Geelong are in desperate need of a safe and legal venue to ride and interact with fellow enthusiasts. The Geelong Motocross Club have for 45 years provided the infrastucture and support network and twice in the last ten years have had their land taken away by no fault of their own. Please support this application, the kids of Geelong need you to help make this a reality.

    Kind Regards

  29. Jason Childs commented

    I fully support this application. We need to give our kids somewhere to ride motorcycles in a safe and controlled environment. Motorcycling is a great family sport with a huge following in the Geelong region. A facility like this would be beneficial to so many.

  30. Steve dun commented

    We need a track

  31. Kristy Benning commented

    Would be a huge asset for the Geelong and surrounding area to have a facility for our children to ride safely and kept maintained. We currently have to travel out of the area to exercise this family sport. Please consider the application for this much needed facility for our area. Regards, Kristy Benning

  32. Danny Taugge commented

    What joke. The geelong council are idiots like they are going to approve this. Unless someone pays the council a ton of money this will be swept under the carpet. I will still ride there with or with out a permit

  33. David Petroff commented

    I fully support this application for a motocross track in Geelong. It is unbelievable that a fantastic growing city like Geelong, that used to have two riding facilities, currently has None.The track would be a great asset to the community, providing a safe and legal place for people to ride, not to mention the benefits to local kids who will finally have somewhere to ride and practice their skills in a controlling environment.

  34. Cam Robinson commented

    Dear Mayor and Councillors,
    We fully support this exciting proposal.
    Motorcycling has been a huge part of my life and i hope to share this passion with my son. He and i have been looking forward to this long awaiting track for us to ride at. We have been without a track, within reasonable distance, since my son began riding. This means so much to us. We hope there is a speedy, red tape free "Yes" vote to this proposal.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Cam Robinson
    Jan Juc.

  35. Richard Fry commented

    I fully support this application and look forward to the day we have a local, safe and controlled environment where we can share our love of motorcycles with our Children. I hope this gets the tick of approval.

  36. Jason commented

    This would be great to have somewhere in Geelong to go and teach my children how to ride and enjoy the sport I do

  37. Daniel Rowan commented

    What a chance to get a long standing and popular sport back to Geelong. There has been so many champions bred from the area let’s keep it going.
    Not everyone has the correct licensing to head to the Otways legally. A dedicated controlled safe complex is the best way.

  38. Shaun Altmann commented

    The future is bright for our young ones to have somewhere to legally ride. Lets not waste anytime in bringing this to life. I wholeheartedly support!

  39. Alex Coleman commented

    Hi i 100% support this application. After coming from gippsland to move my family to the Geelong area for a greater family opportunity i have later discovered a lack of motorcycle tracks. Not everyone was born to kick a football and run around on a field as myself prefer to go for a ride on a motorcycle. I beleive we are not asking for much as there are a number of footy fields in geelong. No disrespect to footy as the majority love it and its needed but there is also a high percentage of people who like bikes. It would also boost the economy as i remember watching Brett Metcalf at barrabool in 2007 coming from far east victoria ( he was runner up 2012 ama mx champs) and staying at a geelong hotel, using restaurants ect. There are right and wrong ways to ride mx and having a sanctioned club track close to geelong would only promote safe and educated future riders.

  40. Daniel Cayzer commented

    I support the construction of the motor cross track. It give the young somewhere to legally ride and learn valuable life long skills that translate into making better motorists in the future

  41. Dan Potter commented

    100% behind this proposal. Many years passed with no promised land proposed for a facility like this.

  42. Laura Madden commented

    110% support this! Gone from 2 tracks to none. It’d be fantastic for the riding community AND will also bring lots of people to Geelong bringing in extra revenue to businesses etc. win win for everyone! Plus it also opens up a SAFE riding location for people and keeps them off the roads (which often happens when they’ve got no where else to ride!) Sounds great!

  43. Chris Bonnici commented

    About time Geelong gets the track it was promised. Great location and hopefully a world class venue is built for young and old bike enthusiasts to enjoy their sport

  44. Paul Turner commented

    To C.O.G.G My name is Paul Turner. I was born and bred in Geelong and born in to a motorcycling family. I was lucky enough to grow up with several motocross tracks in Geelong, mainly Barrabool (the best circuit in Australia) and also Breakwater. I, 100% get behind this new exciting track for Geelong, as being the 2nd biggest town in Victoria we do not have a track. I have 2 young children who are fanatic about motorbikes but have no where to ride them. Legally I can not take them out to the bush and the closest tracks are at least an hours drive away. This would not only breathe a breath of fresh air but also a huge amount of excitement to ALL the motorcycling families in Geelong. Thank you
    Kind regards Paul Turner, Leopold

  45. Sara Turner commented

    As a mum of two young and enthusiastic motorbike ride, plus the wife of an older and just as enthusiastic motorbike rider, I am 100% in support of this track. Somewhere legal and a family environment is just what is needed for all motorbike enthusiasts. Sports, of all varieties, are a big part of Geelong, motorbikes are no exception. Loosing two long standing tracks was a real kick in the guts for those that love this sport. Keeping kids, of all ages, in a safe and legal environment is a feeling shared by many, if not all, of those that are passionate about riding. Please support this track. Thank you, Sara.

  46. Leanne Madden commented

    It is with great optimism that I show my support to the proposed motocross track at Fyansford.
    Our son started riding at an early age, enjoying riding at both the Breakwater and Barabool tracks. He has forged some wonderful friendships that still last now. He’s 26 and still loves racing and riding with his mates. So too does my husband who took up the sport to enjoy time with friends and family.
    Unfortunately these days, they have to travel a minimum hour away to ride. It’s disappointing that Geelong (the 2nd largest town) in Victoria does not have a facility.
    We now have grandchildren who will miss out on this opportunity if there is nowhere local for them to go.
    I have watched the females ride as good as their male counterparts; I have followed the juniors and seniors from Geelong who have raced and succeeded at State and National championship levels and then gone overseas to fulfill their dreams.
    As a family we have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who share the same passion and are pleased to call them friends.
    Motocross is a sport, no different to football, netball or hockey. Our kids and community deserve the same rights and facilities that are provided to other sports.
    Please consider this application with all the due diligence that it deserves.
    Thank you
    Leanne Madden - Highton

  47. Britt Morgan commented

    I support this application.

  48. Jake west commented

    Geelong really needs an opportunity for a motocross track. I grew up racing at barrabool along with many other people, racing at local, regional, state and national level events. Without a facility, people are left to travel up to a couple hours away just to practice. If a facility was to open, these people could practice and train better, along with the many other riders wishing to have fun, and old members who have/had been apart of the clubs history

  49. Shad Celan commented

    Dear council and members, I’d also like to voice my opinion and support of this as a father of an 8 year old son that’s been riding motorbikes for 5 years now constantly looking for places and property to take him riding on all good tracks are more than an hour to hour and a half away well out of our shire, not to mention the 2 that were accessible locally been shut for years and replaced with nothing!! I think there is many a site available and possible for this facility to be created, there is no option for a minor to obtain rec reg legally like when I was a child it was 13 dollars per year but possible unlike today there is an abundance of land suitable for this to be achieved may I suggest the old Alcoa site in Anglesea they took from the council and community as you do us rate payers and citizens I feel it shouldn’t be an issue as rate payers we accomodate a vast range of sports and clubs and facilities yet this is a constant issue needs to be addressed and something done ! In the day and age we live in obesity, screen addiction, drugs,gangs , youth crime , something such as a motorbike track for young youth interested and keen on a sport should be backed supported and provided a facility for ! I strongly hope you seriously think about this proposal and it’s worth to the community! Yours sincerely Shad Celan.

  50. Lisa adams commented

    Everyone deserves a place to ride and to be safe. Taking away the track has been hard on people and have taken away any social life for people. Having a track will stop a lot of people from riding where they’re not ment to. Having a club gives people an environment to do what they love to do and race and train and may be a super star of the future may come from this great region.

  51. Ben Tiley commented

    100% support this coarse as it will greatly benefit the local youth and bring other riders from other districts to visit. Which in turn benefits the local community and other organizations.

  52. Glenn Bethune commented

    To whom it may concern at the CoGG,
    As a property owner in Fyansford I fully support this application that has been put to you, there has been a long standing promise from the CoGG and monies in the coffers for this project since the sales and closures of both the Breakwater facility as well as the Barrabool track, yet neither of the clubs have seen any of this money being used except for a couple of half hearted environmental studies on a few sites that seemed to blow away in the wind,
    at both these tracks every weekend there would be hundreds of patrons using these facilities as their sport of choice, motorcycling is a family sport that the CoGG needs to get behind and support,
    As a motorcyclist I see tens of millions of dollars going towards the ongoing upkeep of all the football and netball grounds around the city with continued upgrades and grants from the council with absolutely no money or even time spent thinking about a sport which brings so much to the community, I, as well as all the motorcycle riders in Geelong and the surrounding areas would love for the City of Greater Geelong to get behind this application and support our local riders and local rate payers and come good with their promise from years ago to help make this vision a reality, it really is time that Geelong had a facility to conduct these activities,
    Glenn Bethune

  53. Ben shell commented

    100% behind the plan of putting in a motorcross park back in geelong. Been many years since breakwater and mcadam park have closed. Be great to see it all happen again as its been a long last memory of mine going to the track with family and friends from when i was a kid!!!

  54. Kingsley Lang commented

    I support this application 100%.
    Motocross is a legitimate sport for both Juniors & Seniors however it is important that it be undertaken in a controlled & safe environment. Unfortunately this is currently not possible within Geelong however the approval of this application would allow that to occur. The 2nd largest city in Victoria with its associated riding population (particularly juniors) deserves such a facility.

  55. Danny Ryan commented

    This application has my full support!! Geelong has been in need of a facility like this since the forced closure of the Breakwater and Barrabool tracks! The community would benefit greatly from this going ahead

  56. Sam Bruton commented

    I support Geelong getting a track, how can a city that size not have a track for local kids to go and learn to ride?

  57. Ryan Mebbrey commented

    After the closure of Breakwater and Barrabool, off road motorcycling in the Geelong area has suffered badly. Not only would the riders benefit from this planning permit being approved, but local shops and businesses too. We 120% need this to happen. The sport needs it. The city needs it.

  58. Alex Taylor commented

    100% support this application, the area is in need for a facility like this. Massively beneficial for the community.

  59. Nicholas franklin commented

    We need this motocross track for Geelong as the closest place to ride is well over a hours drive!!

  60. Laura Wynd commented

    I support a new motocross track in the Geelong region 100%. For to long now the 100’s-1,000of MX riders in the area have been made travel long distances (hours) for their sport. I’m sure residents in the area could handle 50 odd days in a year of noise it’s not much to ask and it doesn’t run into the night, let’s consider all the kids out there enjoying a sport rather than sitting on their bums inside. I would travel with our children to ride at and support the club as Geelong residents have done our club.

  61. Suzi Crawley commented

    As a parent of a child that enjoys riding, having a local park would be a blessing!!! I 100% support this application!

  62. Travis loader commented

    Geelong needs a track been to long now without one. 100% support this application for a new facility to ride at.

  63. Jennifer Wojcicki commented

    Is it not better to have a dedicated track for riders rather than letting them go rogue on the streets? Or worse keeping them inside in front of a tv or video game?
    Tracks are a safe, monitored environment. It's a place to make friends aswell. By not providing these opportunities you are not helping the community or future development of kids.

  64. Kaitlyn Baigent commented

    I 100% support.
    Going back 15 years ago Motocross in Geelong was huge and I can remember traveling here with my family and having a ball swimming in the fish hook infested river inbetween races. Having moved here 12 months ago I was shocked driving over the overpass to see nothing at Breakwater a real shame that's now left young and old with no where local to ride.

  65. Melanie Gaylard commented

    My family and I would love to see the re-instigation of a motocross track in Geelong. It has been sorely missed since the closure of both Breakwater and Barrabool. We have young children coming through that need a safe track to learn to ride correctly instead of in backyards or on properties where there is a lot more danger.

  66. Karen Morriss commented

    I fully support this application - Geelong needs a safe place for future riders to enhance their skills

  67. Simon Grace commented

    Geelong was once a multi track town and subsequently had more than its fair share of top riders including professional riders.
    It still has a very healthy size off road motorcycle community and I support this proposal absolutely.

  68. Andrew Breach commented

    I think this is a great idea, will be awesome to see a local facility back in Geelong. I’m a local fuansford resident and can’t wait to be able to utilise a track so close for kids and family’s rather than travel the state. Plus the bonus for local businesses.

  69. Adrian Haigh commented

    I would also like to have somewhere for my son and daughter to ride, at the moment we have at least an hours drive each way, Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria and has no track. It would good for the council to have a look at Horsham motocross club who are fully supported by there council

  70. Madison Jennings commented

    Having a track in geelong would be a great help to all those motorcross riders around the region. Having a young son who races the western regions, travelling an hour each way out to do training every weekend is difficult. Having a home track in geelong would benefit so many people and the community.

  71. Stacey hazell commented

    Dear Geelong council
    As a parent with a son who has chosen moto x as his sport a track in Geelong would mean the world to us as our nearest home track is colac or Ballarat
    Would be great to help other kids to access this sport and local ppl able to come watch and support
    Moto x is a legitimate sport and passion
    Why should football, cricket or soccer take president over this
    Time for Geelong to support ALL sports
    I feel that moto x has been over looked for far to long
    Remember breakwater ?
    It’s been far too long and swept under the bridge because our children are outside the box

  72. Tori mitrovic commented

    We need our own motorbike track in Geelong, it’s been way to long since we have had one here and it would make it so much easier and for the people that live in Geelong which means we wouldn’t have to travel as far. Please please please let us have a track here! would mean so much

  73. Ebony Hickey commented

    Goodmorning City of Greater Geelong,

    I am writing to support the potential development of a new track at Geelong.
    With such a strong mx community here in this regional hub the Barwon region has been lacking such facility since the closure of Barrabool meaning children amd families who dont have access to their own private land are missing out on social activities and staying fit and healthy.
    We are well aware that the current financial climate means less people will own properties suitable for recreactional activities within our region and the opportunity for open space needs to be considered.
    Crime Prevention and Youth Engagement are also things the CoGG have done well and I see this as a greater opportunity to increase public safety and engage youth in activities currently unavailable.


  74. Nicole Parsons commented

    Fully support this great to see!!

  75. James caldararo commented

    Please allow geelong motocross club to reopen a track. The community would benifit from this greatly.

  76. Troy Bondarenko commented

    I completely support this Motocross facility to the Geelong Region. Geelong is in great need of a Motocross track/ Complex.I have two young boys that ride motocross bikes as well as myself and have to travel long distances at the moment to take my family to a safe riding facility.
    To have a local safe and controlled riding facility for Geelong would be a huge asset to the region.

  77. Jackie Peacock commented

    Dear Council,

    The Motorcycling community in Victoria, Australia and the world is huge and growing. Motorcycling events attract large numbers of competitors, support crews and spectators. Horsham attracts national and even world events which brings thousands of visitors to the region. Regional events bring thousands of dollars into local communities each month.

    Along with Horsham, Mildura has also embraced motorcycle racing, seeing it bring thousands of visitors to their city over the Easter period and during July when they host the Hattah Desert Race. It would be brilliant for Geelong to embrace motorcycling, build an amazing venue and benefit from the tourism and economic growth motorcycle racing brings.

  78. Mark Arrowsmith commented

    Motocross back in Geelong is well overdue. It will bring business to the region, it will reduce illegal riding in the area, it will give the kids, parents and grandparents another avenue of entertainment and participation to Geelong.
    It will add another string to the bow of events Geelong can offer making the highest growing city in Australia even more attractive. Please support this proposal and help make Geelong great again.

  79. Boyd Wilson commented

    Great application for a great location.

  80. Megan Henderson commented

    I support the development of a new motocross track. This sport has a large following in the Geelong region and no facilities currently to support it

  81. Grace Mcewen commented

    Having had a son heavily involved in this sport as he was growing up, I honestly believe that it has helped him grown into a disciplined, resilient, focused person that is kicking some awesome goals in life, kids need a track down in Geelong to practice on & prepare for the big events also.... help bring the community together with a common interest....

  82. Maia Pawlak commented

    I fully support a facility in Geelong for motorcross riders. Would be great to see adults and Holstein being able to ride in a safe environment without having to travel far!

  83. Jack Pearson commented

    I fully support the development of the motocross track in the proposed location. Being a former Horsham resident and member of the Horsham MC club who recently held the World Junior MX titles (WJMX) I have seen first hand the positive impact a motorcycle club can have on peoples health, wellbeing and sense of community. Financially the club has the opportunity to provide millions of dollars to the local economy. The WJMX was estimated to contribute $1.7m to Horsham economy. In 2013 the Horsham MC held the Aus Junior MX championship and HRCC estimated it brought $3.5m to the local economy. This is a great opportunity for Geelong.

  84. Suzi Crawley commented

    As a parent of a child that enjoys riding, having a local park would be a blessing!!! I 100% support this application!

  85. Tim Gawith commented

    I am a local resident of Waurn Ponds and this note provides my passionate support and endorsement for this application.
    Geelong is a thriving community and the second biggest City in Victoria, this application will have a real positive effect on our community by providing an exciting new recreation opportunity that promotes positive, healthy, and active outdoor lifestyles, for our Kids, Adults and Families alike to enjoy.
    This will in particular provide a facility for our children to learn to ride and develop in a safe, regulated and controlled environment. It will also provide a place for the Motorcycle community to come together locally in Geelong which has been missing since the Breakwater and Barrabool locations were closed.
    It will also providing a positive economic impact by becoming a sport and tourism destination that will be realised by many of our local businesses
    Please support this proposal as to have a local Motorbike facility will mean the world to Me, My family and all of the Geelong motorbike community

  86. Rachael A Sargeant commented

    I fully support a motor bike track for the Geelong region to be used for recreational use but it must not impact on neighboring suburbs. I believe there is a new estate being built in Fyansford plus existing housing in the area as well. All of this should be taken into consideration when selecting the location.

  87. Kyle Pengelly commented

    100% support this application, the area is in need for a facility like this. Massively beneficial for the community.

  88. Daniel commented

    Great idea to bring back a facility for geelong and surrounding areas to ride. Growing up with two tracks was fantastic for my era, but young generation have no place to ride.

  89. Rohan Kinens commented

    I fully support this.
    There has been nowhere in Geelong to ride a dirtbike for far too long now. Geelong needs a permanent facility for both Junior and Senior riders to safely improve their riding, rather than encouraging people to go out and damage local bushlands.

    If able to hold decent sized open race meetings, this will also boost the Geelong economy via local motels and restaurants.
    This will also revive local motorcycle businesses that have struggled since the demise of the sport in the region some 15 years ago.

  90. Georgia Armstrong commented

    Geelong 100%needs this as there is no where for kids/adults to ride their bikes since all the tracks have closed down. My eldest child was lucky enough to grow up riding on local tracks but sadly now my youngest doesn’t have the same opportunity. Bring back the motorbike tracks

  91. DAVID BREACH commented

    G-day I believe a motorcross track in Geelong can only be a positive.
    Giving friends and family's a place to get together and have fun.. as it will benifet the community and making Geelong a better place to live... two thumbs up ! Cheers Dave...

  92. Jarrad burke commented

    Me Mayor.

    The entire community should get behind this keeps the younger generation of the streets causing mischief. It’s a 50 minute drive to the nearest track a lot of people don’t have time to travel so far for a few hours. Get it done.

  93. Chris Bryant commented

    100% support this application, the area is in need for a facility like this. Massively beneficial for the community.

  94. Haydon Solomano commented

    I’ve been racing motorbikes for over 10 years. It’s getting harder and harder for somewhere to ride!! It would be an awesome facility to have in geelong! I 100% support the plan and the sport needs it!!

  95. Linda Gawith commented

    Having a local track / club where my teenage son can practice his preferred sport would be awesome. He is currently a member of the Horsham motorcycle club which is over 3 hrs away. A local club would provide a sense of belonging and opportunity to meet other local young people who share his passion. This proposal will have many local riders excited.

  96. Adam Bampfield commented

    Fully support this application. Sport and tourism is something Geelong really needs after losing some big industry. I am a local resident of the area and will do anything to promote and support this track opening. We see young kids riding around paddocks and they need a place to go.
    Motorcross is a family sport and having this track would be beneficial for locals and open up Geelong for major events.

  97. Danny Taugge commented

    Danny Taugge
    As a rider of over 41 years now riding has been and will always be a way of life for my family and myself ,my father still rides at 71years old and my daughter age 9 has been riding since 3 years old
    We all ride together on Weekends
    It’s a great way to spend quality family times and to keep active

  98. Andrew Clubb commented

    100% support for a long overdue replacement of a legal and safe environment for families to enjoy a great sport.

  99. Rhys Bailey commented

    It's pretty clear from these comments that there is an interest from the community in establishing a venue for motor bike riding, however something located so close to housing is hardly suitable.

    I don't have a personal interest in this project as i don't ride motorbikes and my house will not be noise affected, but common sense tells me that a better location should be chosen.

    Whats wrong with Avalon? Surely something like this is a site the majority of the community would support.

    Anything that has the potential to create considerable noise will be controversial near housing.

  100. Colleen square commented

    I support this. Geelong needs a track. We used to race geelong WR with our son years ago. You have so many riders down that way . Would be awesome if they could have ownership of a good track.

  101. Rob Thompson commented

    I learnt to ride on our farm when I was young. It gave me confidence and skills that I took eventually onto the road when I was old enough. We don’t have land anymore and the ability for my boys to learn and develop their ability in a controlled environment, under supervision and with other like minded boys and girls is needed in Geelong. Please let my lads have the same safe start to their motoring dreams that I did.

  102. Rob Thompson commented

    I learnt to ride on our farm when I was young. It gave me confidence and skills that I took eventually onto the road when I was old enough. We don’t have land anymore and the ability for my boys to learn and develop their ability in a controlled environment, under supervision and with other like minded boys and girls is needed in Geelong. Please let my lads have the same safe start to their motoring dreams that I did.

  103. Daniel McDonnell commented

    You'll support a motorbike track but you won't support local business. I'd rather take my family to meredith much better atmosphere and I can sink cans all day there.

  104. Paul Riordan commented

    All sporting facilities should be fully supported by all areas of our community.
    I believe the City of Greater Geelong should be in support of this proposal, like any other sporting facility. There is strong economic evidence, plus the positive social aspect that also should be considered.
    It seems unbelievable a city the size of Geelong doesn’t have a facility where people can safely participate in the sport of off-road motorcycling.
    I would strongly encourage the city to put their full support behind this.

  105. Paul Riordan commented

    All sporting facilities should be fully supported by all areas of our community.
    I believe the City of Greater Geelong should be in support of this proposal, like any other sporting facility. There is strong economic evidence, plus the positive social aspect that also should be considered.
    It seems unbelievable a city the size of Geelong doesn’t have a facility where people can safely participate in the sport of off-road motorcycling.
    I would strongly encourage the city to put their full support behind this.

  106. Lachie clowes commented

    Geelong could really benefit from a new track, we need more tracks in that area and it will bring a lot of people to the town

  107. Sean Edmondstone commented

    Mr Mayor,
    I am a resident of the adjacent estate on barrabool hill. I am a passionate rider and fully support the construction of a riding facility for the people of Geelong. The proposed location is ideal and would have minimal to no impact on the surrounding areas. The young riders of Geelong shouldnt have to travel for hours to pariticipate in an good, family sport. They should have a least one facility of a safe standard with access to the facilities that are afforded to other sports. Clean Running water, Toilets, reasonable access to medical services and of course; Community support and involvment.
    Please take great consideration of the application and I hope you find your way to supporting what could be a great facility for our rapidly expanding city.

  108. Shannon Dixon commented

    I am in full support of this proposal.
    This location presents a great opportunity for the residents of Geelong and surrounds to be able to enjoy the great and healthy sport of off road motorcycling while being of great economic benefit to the regions small and large businesses alike.
    As a Geelong resident who has spent my life enjoying the fruits of this sport I would like for my children to be able to have the choice to participate in Offroad motorcycling in our own region without the burden of having to travel long distances to ride legally.
    I sincerely hope the council gets behind the Offroad motorcycling community and can fill the large void in this region by approving this great opportunity.
    Best Regards
    Shannon Dixon

  109. Kellie commented

    We fully support this submission.
    What a fabulous opportunity to add to a busy sporting city like geelong

  110. Matthew Stewart commented

    Dear CoGG,
    I am in full support of this proposal. It would be wonderful to see our city rates build something useful for my family and hundreds of other families to use. Since the closure of both the Breakwater and Barrabool tracks our children currently have nowhere in the region to ride legally. Motorcycling is a great sport to get young people off the streets and outside doing something enjoyable for them, whilst keeping fit and building skills and socialising with other kids and families. The position under submission is central to our community and will have minimal impact on the environment surrounding it. Geelong needs an area for recreational motorcycle riding to support our ever growing community.

  111. Ben Taylor commented

    This would be a great asset to the city and give young and old riders a safe place to ride. It is long overdue and desperately needed to support the growing Geelong community.
    Perfect location that will have little to no impact on others. Very much support the application.

  112. Anthony Brown commented

    To all of the people saying this is a good idea, how would you feel if this was proposed 400 meters away from your house? Because that's exactly how far away it is from a new housing estate in Highton.

    The previous motocross track at McAdam Park no longer exists because of the noise impact, and that was much further away from residents than this proposed location.

    I'm not opposed to Geelong having a Motocross, but this IS NOT the location for it.

  113. Andrea Brown commented

    Dear mayor, I support this project as a motor cross family that has spent years travelling all over Victoria and interstate to participate. We currently are members at Ballarat and Nunawading so that my son can practice and would love not to have to travel so far but also when he races he is listed as being from these clubs, we would be proud to be able to have Geelong on our racing forms!

  114. Pam McLeod commented

    I fully support this project, it’s about time Geelong got another track after the closure of the others. Great location, easy accessible and will be great for kids to have somewhere legal to ride at.

  115. Samantha Baensch commented

    100% support this! About time Geelong got a track to replace the closure of the other 2. Riders of all ages deserve to be able to enjoy their sport somewhere local & where they can legally & safely ride!

  116. Andrew johnson commented

    100% support this. Geelong desperately needs a local motorcycle facility to allow our children to ride and develop skills.

  117. Jessica claridge commented

    100% support this application.

    I would rather my son have somewhere to ride legally and be taught by his father than be forced to ride around in circles in the backyard causing havoc for neighbours.

    For those that have gone against the application due to “residents and the noise”, it’s not a 24/7 thing. Most of the time you will be at work or keeping busy.

    There is no where in geelong for people to express their love for motorcross so instead they take to the roads and we still find a way to complain about that aswell.

    Bring on the new motor racing track!

  118. Daniel Littlewood commented

    Dear COGG, Lets seize this perfect opportunity to once again have a motocross complex local to Geelong. As a nation we rally behind our sports people after they gain world recognition in their chosen sport, including motorsports, yet we do very little to encourage these fringe sports from a young age. Perhaps if there were more dedicated and supportive clubs around Geelong, like those who were stripped of their motocross facilities in recent times, we would see a decline in youth crime.

  119. Mathew Gorski commented

    Mr Mayor, the approval for this is long overdue, the ability to take young kids and teach them safety and motor skills instead of kids hanging around skate parks and the street is a welcome move/change that we all support.

  120. Candace Breach commented

    I think the addition of a motor racing track in Geelong would be fantastic. It’s an sport which encourages all ages to be active.
    Please approve this application!

  121. Daniel lopez commented

    Since the loss of barrabool and breakwater tracks geelong motorcyclist have been in limbo. For such a great growing city let's ensure we support off road motorcycling for young and old. Bring back a track which was promised for years.

  122. Sarah Krezlik commented

    As a past Geelong resident that has this great city shrink in diversity with its sport base I fully support this application. The local Geelong community is in desperate need of a motocross facility to bring back the family orietated club which has been left without a home for too long. A facility like this would greatly effect the community negatively and positively, what change doesn’t! The positives in this instance will far outway the negatives. Bring back a facility for the entire community, that will promote community engagement. It is not just people who ride motorbikes that use these awesome recreational facilities

  123. Greg Jones commented

    Hi, I have ridden motocross for 30 years. With Barrabool and Breakwater motocross facilities gone it’s a marathon now finding places to ride. My children love the sport and to have a local track back would be great.

  124. Dale Hovey commented

    I 100% support and welcome a solution.
    Geelong need this
    It is a great sport for families and have been extremely grateful I had the experience. Let's not let this go any longer and get these great clubs back up and running.

  125. Brett McKinlay commented

    My family and I 100% support this addition for a overdue motocross track to our region.
    With Geelong being the second biggest city in Victoria we have been missing out on providing a fun and family orientated sport for too long.

  126. Peter Madden commented

    Mr Mayor,
    An off road facility of this kind is way overdue and is desperately needed. Geelong has many top class sporting facilities, however since the forced closure of earlier facilities nothing has been allowed to be developed. Now is the time.

  127. Darren Taylor commented

    Mr Mayor, Geelong desperately needs a recreational facility like this proposal to cater for the sport within our region. The sport of motorcycling is a fantastic family activity that has been deprived of a venue for too long. We 100% support this application.

  128. Sean McInerney commented

    100% support this happening. Well overdue.

  129. Tim Guthrie commented

    This is what Geelong needs.
    Awesome idea.

  130. Luke Sirca commented

    I totally support this great opportunity for all the young kids out there to get the same chance that I did when I was a kid. They were the best days of my life hanging with mates and family down at our local track.
    This needs to happen now as Geelong has been with out a track for too long now.

  131. James Whiteside commented

    I think that a international motorsport complex should be built at the old alco site it should have a road track dirt track speedway track flat track drag strip go cart track everything to do with cars bikes and even 4x4 then they wouldn't have to dig out all the dirt and it would be great

  132. Daryl John brown commented

    Dear mayor, I fully support this plan as a Motorcross family it is facility much needed in our area.

  133. Jaya roberts commented

    I absolutely support this plan!! The amount of riders in the geelong area is huge and what about the kids? Its not fair they dont have many places to ride. Getting kids outdoors should be the only incentive you need to let this track be built/opened.

  134. Jake irvine commented

    Geelong needs more than 1 mx track but it’s a start.

  135. Andrew Bufton commented

    I wholeheartedly support this planning permit for finally a motocross track for geelong and district residents and also athletes from across the state to come and use our hopefully national level facilities and spend their funds in the area on food and accommodation and entertainment while they are here. Finally we might have our own track again and grow the mighty geelong motocross club.

  136. Guy montagu commented

    Mr mayor my family(father and 2 kids) 100% support this plan as this is a much needed facility in the Geelong region. We have had 4 Aussi titles in the 2018 season that don’t get the correct amount of publicity and support. This facility can help the environment as the Otways won’t be used as much.

  137. andrew fenech commented

    We are from Melbourne,

    It’s sad to hear the closure of Geelong track. We support the new track abd so do others from outside of Geelong

  138. Dean Mayes commented

    As an x member of breakwater motocross club this would be awesome as I have 3 boys that love riding and nowhere local to go .......

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