Rushes Creek Road, Rushes Creek,

Rushes Creek Development Site - Large scale poultry broiler production farm comprising 54 poultry sheds and associated support and servicing infrastructure. Each shed will house up to 56,500 birds, providing a total site population of 3,051,000 birds.

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  1. Justin Connors commented

    Oppose development.

    As seen with these developments in the past, they have not created extensive job opportunities to the local community as the majority of the capital works (building process) has been contracted in by large/commercial companies who can afford the extensive outlay of supplying materials and insurance etc. So as predicted, this will not directly boost local community’s economy.

    As far as ongoing job opportunities, I don’t believe this will enhance Manilla’s unemployment rate at all. With those who can work, working and the remainder on various disability pensions etc.

    This is a major biosecurity risk to both native wildlife/birds and the commercial broiler enterprise having such a mega farm backing onto the shores of Lake Keepit with numerous native wildlife and no real control about what can enter and exit the property via the air in such close proximity to Keepit. Furthermore, the proximity to Russells chickens just down the road (eg. Moving live birds past another chicken farm, creating a biosecurity risk for those).

    Other concerns include how waste will be managed, as any possible issues could cause massive repercussions in the Lake Keepit ecosystem. Various nutrient/waste leaks causing Algae Blooms, possible flooding etc.

    Final concerns would include neighbouring properties with reduced visual amenity, increased odur, noise, dust and night lights of the sheds in the proximity.

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