66 York Street, Prahran VIC 3181

Develop the land for the construction of 3 three storey dwellings and a reduction in the car parking requirements

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: City of Stonnington, reference 0793/18)


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  1. Jono Gourlay commented

    Hi there. I am the owner of 68 York St, Prahran. This is directly next door to 66 York St and the proposed development. I strongly object to this planning permit. I encourage others in the neighbourhood to object also as this will detract from the value of the surrounding houses. Building a 3 storey multi-unit development on this size of block and in this area is inappropriate. 3 storeys is not consistent with any of the houses in this area - most of the houses in the street and surrounding streets, including Leila St, are single storey Victorian cottages. 3 storeys will impact the amenity and light for surrounding properties. This area is already very busy and crowded in terms of number of residents and traffic. Parking is already at a premium (especially due to street sweeping restrictions), so having residents and their visitors for up to 10 units come to this location will make this worse, even with an underground car park. York St is narrow and crowded, so that traffic already banks up between Clarke St and Murray St. Additional residents plus the disruption from building works will make it almost impossible to get through here. A high multi-unit 3 story development with this many units is inappropriate for this location and will impact the value of neighbouring properties. This style of development will also detract from the amenity, streetscape, feel and history of this area.

  2. Con Fakos commented

    I am astounded that this development is even being considered in this location. It will impact the value of neighbouring properties many of which are period style. This will also detract from the amenity, streetscape, history & feel of the area. The traffic congestion is already at breaking point and this style of development will only add to the problem.

  3. Matt Moisis commented

    A 3 storey development on this block is ludicrous. The street is narrow and congested and it would not fit in with the area. This proposal should be dramatically reduced in size.

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