13 Drysdale Court West Lakes Shore, SA

Torrens Land Division (1 into 2)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 252/D231/18)


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  1. Mervyn Dann commented

    Please consider single storey houses only as I live on the west side of these blocks at number 12a, a 2 storey house would block out all of my daylight from the east side nearly all day because it’s very close to our fence besides the over looking is very undesirable plus we have all new single stories around the crt that have been split from one block to 2 looking well presented and a good streetscape enhancement Thanks for your consideration Merv Dann

  2. Dan Donovan commented

    Our home is adjacent to the western block at 13 Drysdale Court and the rear of our house is a mere 3 metres from the dividing fence. If a 2-storey house is built on this block, it would block all direct sunlight from our Lounge, Dining room and Kitchen for a large proportion of the available sunlight, especially during winter. I agree with my neighbour Merv Dann that it would be disastrous for us, lower our living standard and considerably lower the value of our home. There are already 9 dwellings on divided blocks in our Court, and all of them are single storey. We would like to see this maintained. A double storey house would seem very out of place and spoil the appearance of the rest of the street.
    Thank you, Dan Donovan.

  3. Paul Trim commented

    Please only consider single storey houses on 13 Drysdale Court as the houses on the western boundary of this land will be greatly affected by a double storey house. The gardens and houses to the western boundary of the new land divide will be blocked from nearly all sunlight particularly in winter by a double storey building due to the proximity to the boundary. All other new dwellings in the court are single storey so these two new dwellings should follow to suit the streetscape.

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